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Production Of Tesla’s Model Y In Shanghai Is Cut Due To Weak Demand

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Tesla cuts Model Y production in Shanghai amid weak demand

(CTN News) – Since March, Tesla has decreased the production of its Model Y electric car, which is the company’s best-selling model, at its Shanghai site by a percentage that is in the double digits.

This reduction has been in effect since March. It has been since March that this reduction has been in effect.

The decline in demand in China, which is the company’s second-largest market, is the reason for this action, according to Reuters, which said that this action is a response to the situation.

It is estimated that during the months of March and June, the output of the Model Y was reduced by at least twenty percent at the Shanghai factory, which is Tesla’s largest manufacturing base worldwide. This decrease took place during the months of March and June for the most part.

According to the information provided by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), the number of automobiles that were made in China and belonging to the Model Y category was 49,498 units during the month of March and 36,610 units during the month of April.

Over the course of the previous year, these data demonstrate a decrease of 17.7% and 33%, respectively, in comparison to the prior year.

During the first four months of 2024, Tesla manufactured a total of 287,359 Model Y and Model 3 automobiles in various locations in China.

This number takes into account both internal combustion engine and electric automobiles. In comparison to the same time period in the year 2023, this implies a decline of five percent.

Despite the fact that production of the Model 3 climbed by 10%, production of the Model Y decreased, which demonstrates that demand dynamics are shifting in a different direction.

There is currently a lack of understanding regarding whether the production slowdown will remain into the second half of the year or whether it will have an influence on the production of the Model 3. Furthermore, it is not known whether or whether Tesla’s plants in the United States and Germany are also facing output cuts of a similar sort. This is further information that is not known.

On the other side, Tesla has not responded to the demands for comment that have been made against the company.

In addition, the most recent impact study that Tesla has made public did not include any reference of the company’s objective of delivering twenty million automobiles annually by the year 2030.

This would imply that the company is shifting its attention toward robotaxis and increasing its utilization of artificial intelligence for the aim of future expansion in order to extend its operations.

In the month of April, Tesla made the news that it will be providing owners of the Model 3 with the option of financing with no interest. This was done with the intention of increasing sales.

Also, the firm brought the costs of the Model Y down to their lowest levels ever since the model was initially debuted in 2021 in China. This was done in order to attract customers.

Although these constraints have been applied and the business has recently laid off members of its China sales and charging service teams, Tesla plans to sell between 600,000 and 700,000 vehicles in China in 2024.

This is despite the fact that the company has recently cut off members of its China sales and charging service teams. As a result of this, the company will be able to proceed with its efforts to achieve its initial global objective of achieving two million electric vehicles.


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