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Ford Recalls Nearly 383,000 SUVs Due To a Problem With The Backup Camera



Ford Recalls Nearly 383,000 SUVs Due To a Problem With The Backup Camera

(CTN News) – It has been reported that Ford will recall nearly 383,000 SUVs in the U.S. due to a problem with the touch screens. This problem won’t display an image of the camera when backing up.

Several Ford Explorers and Lincoln Aviators from the model years 2020 to 2023, as well as some Lincoln Corsairs from the model years 2020 to 2022 are subject to the recall. It is equipped with 360-degree cameras on all three.

In a government document posted on Friday, Ford states that a problem with the video output can prevent the rear camera image from being displayed properly.

There is a risk that a crash could occur if there is a reduction in rear visibility.

According to the company, over 2,000 warranty reports have been filed about the problem so far. Despite 17 minor crashes, there have been no injuries reported by the agency.

There was a recall of many of the same vehicles for the same problem in 2021 as well. There will be a need to re-fix vehicles that have already been repaired previously.

It is expected that dealers will update their image processing software in the near future. A letter will be sent out to owners starting on February 20 informing them of this change.

The U.S. government’s road safety agency announced earlier this week that it had closed a more than six-year investigation into exhaust odors in the passenger cabin of Ford Explorer SUVs.

The agency found that the SUVs did not have high levels of carbon monoxide and, therefore, do not require recalls.

It has been reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reviewed more than 6,500 complaints from consumers.

They tested SUVs in the field, and consulted with automotive, medical, environmental health, and occupational safety experts before making its decision.

In the probe, nearly 1.5 million Explorers were analyzed from the 2011 to 2017 model years. Complaints were received regarding sickness and crashes that resulted in three deaths and 657 injuries.

Police departments using Explorer Police Interceptors as patrol vehicles have received many complaints.

The agency, however, said in documents released Monday that it used rigorous testing methods to send exhaust gases into vehicles.

No Explorers with bodies sealed under Ford’s 2017 field service campaign had carbon monoxide levels that exceeded EPA standards.

According to the agency, sealing issues caused by sirens, lights, cages, and other items were responsible for the highest measured levels of carbon monoxide in vehicles it tested.

Typically, the highest carbon monoxide levels in consumer Ford  vehicles are a result of seal problems caused by repairs made following rear-end collision damage, according to the NHTSA.


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