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In Q4 2022, Tesla (TSLA) Beats Earnings But Misses Revenue

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In Q4 2022, Tesla (TSLA) Beats Earnings But Misses Revenue

(CTN News) – Tesla (TSLA) released its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2022 after the market closed today. The results and shareholders’ letter were released after the market closed today.

We will update this post in the coming days with all the details from the financial results, shareholders’ letter, and the conference call that will take place later tonight as soon as we receive them. Refreshing the page is recommended in order to obtain the most recent information.

Estimates of Tesla’s earnings for the fourth quarter of 2022

A post that we published yesterday included our Wall Street expectations as well as our crowdsourced estimates for Tesla’s Q4 2022 earnings before the end of the quarter.

According to Wall Street analysts, the Wall Street consensus for this quarter’s results is $24.6 billion in revenue and $1.13 per share in earnings.

As a result of new record deliveries during the third quarter of over 405,000 electric vehicles, Tesla will once again set industry records for the company.

Due to Tesla offering significant discounts on many of its vehicles delivered during the month of December, it is also a problematic quarter to estimate. As a result, we expect Tesla’s energy business to ramp up in the next few years, which is also more difficult to predict than we expected.

Financial results for Tesla for Q4 2022

Tesla released its financial results just after the market closed today. The company confirmed that it managed to slightly beat earnings, but missed revenue by $300 million when it came to the bottom line.

Tesla’s revenue declined by $300 million in Q4 2022, as compared with Wall Street expectations. However, the company was able to exceed Wall Street expectations by $1.19 a share, beating earnings expectations by $1.19.

After a very strong quarter for the company, it was able to increase its cash position by just over $1 billion during the quarter. It currently sits on a cash pile of $22 billion, which is quite impressive.

In the full year of 2022, the automaker managed to generate a profit of over $12 billion. This is impressive considering how difficult it is for many other automakers to make money selling electric vehicles at the moment.

Tesla’s Q4 2022 results are as follows:

In our follow-up posts about the earnings and the conference call, we will elaborate on some of the most significant information we heard during the call (refresh the page to see the most recent posts):


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