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Thai Lawmaker Proposes Legislation to Legalize Casino and Online Gambling in Thailand

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Mongkolkit Suksintharanon is the Thai lawmaker who suggests to the Thailand government that legalizing casinos and online gambling is not necessarily a bad idea. He did a scheme to allow the country to benefit from taxes generated from such a field.

According to this proposition, Entertainment should contain more things. There are people who would like to build complexes which will include casinos, theme parks, hotels, and other fun facilities. The leader thinks that such a complex will lead to new abilities to attract tourists in Bangkok or Phuket. They also could gain new tax revenues.

Mr. Suksintharanon also believes that this intention comes from the wish to make interest lower. Because mostly, people are attracted to things they don’t understand. There are many online gambling websites worldwide and they are usable for Thai users too. For example, everyone can find a live dealer online casino page and enjoy them fully.

So why don’t make them legal officially to use this source for the economic benefit? The revenue department is confused about why gambling is illegal because if people still do this then there should be taxation for it.

It also is recommended that taxation should be charged for around 5-6 billion in a year.

Since Thailand is in a hard place financially, then this should be considered as a new breath for the government. This will be useful for the whole country.

It goes without saying that proposed legislation will be affected as the lawmaker has been involved in corruption, so he may need to step down from his position.

Why Thailand should legalize gambling

The online mobile casino has already taken the concept of personalized gaming to a new level. Now people can play slots (or สล็อต in Thai) on the go 24\7 regardless of where they are. All they need is a smartphone and internet access, so why not to use it if the country is in a crisis state? Casino owners are making 38-40 billion profit and the only pay 5-20$ to their illegal gains. Nationwide there could be hundreds of thousands of illegal gambling operations and they just make sure that they are not caught.

After 80 years

More than 80 years after Thailand introduced laws, analysts sat that the nation better legalizes casinos because it will boost tourism. In Thailand betting is officially banned but elections don’t change anything. Everyone is quite sure that Thailand at some point will have a legal casino near the future, but when? No one knows!

Thailand’s tourism sector will gain more than 30 million visitors annually including 10 million from China if they add a market for the casino in their leisure industry.


Despite the laws in Thailand, there are illegal casinos there. The first large casinos were established in Ayutthaya. During the 19th century, the number of gambling houses grew in tandem with Chinese immigrants. Thai government turned a blind eye to gambling and the result was that the locals were encouraged to be like Chinese gamblers and try it out. Some Thai can play with international credit cards at New Zealand, South Africa or Malta online casinos. A website like compares some of them.”

Social issues

Most of the population of Thailand is against gambling because of Buddhism. In Buddhism gambling is one of the four aspects that ruins the soul. There is even the phrase for it “Portal of hell”. For those people, gambling is something that should be avoided by all means. Because after that, one will suffer until they die. There is a proverb for it: “Ten lost to fire is not equivalent to one lost in gambling”.


Despite all issues about this topic, gambling still remains a major part of Thai life. They often do it in ceremonials or festivals. There are even psychological services that help addicted people. Still, very few seek help from professionals because it’s a social problem rather than a medical issue.


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