How To Get Back To The 1980s With Your Electric Guitar String Set?
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How to Get Back to the 1980s with Your Electric Guitar String Set?



How to Get Back to the 1980s with Your Electric Guitar String Set?

Old is the new young, but you don’t have to be stuck in a time warp to play old-school tunes. The best guitar strings on the market today are made to recreate the sound of legendary instruments from the past.

Imagine playing Another one bites the dust by Queen, and I love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the blackhearts simply because you have the best electric guitar string set.

You’ll need a bit of technical know-how, but once you have these strings in your arsenal, the playing gets significantly better.

The Electric Guitar and the 1980s

You can link the emergence of the electric guitar to the 1950s, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that it became a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The 1980s were a time of significant change and innovation in the music world. And the popularity of the electric guitar is one of the most important historical trends in music.

The popularity of the electric guitar led to the birth of many new genres that would not have existed without it.

We’re talking about blues rock, heavy metal, and even rockabilly.

With artists like Metallica and Jon Jett and the blackhearts crushing the airwaves regularly, everyone soon wanted an electric guitar to rock out on.And over 30 years later, the electric guitar is still a hit.

Get a Clean 1980s Rock Tone in 3 Simple Effects

Adding effects to your tune, especially when trying to recreate your favorite 1980s jams, can take you to another realm of euphoria and extreme nostalgia. You can do so by utilizing the following effects:

Red electric guitar on wooden floor


The compression effect is very useful for getting that old-school rock tone. It is also one of the studio’s most misunderstood and misused effects.

Compression squeezes the air out of the sound, making it louder. This means you can increase the volume or make your sound louder without adding more power to it.

So, if you have an electric guitar playing at 100% volume, simply turning up its level will not make it any louder because there’s already so much energy in it.

Instead, you can use compression to squeeze out all of that energy but keep the same amount of volume.

If you’re looking for a clean 1980s rock tone, your best bet will be:

  • Turn down your guitar volume as low as possible without turning it off (or muting).
  • Set your guitar amp’s input gain knob so that only about half of it is turned up (which means only about 50% of the signal goes through). The gain knob will maintain the volume while producing a gritty sound similar to 1980s rock tones.


You only need a delay pedal and an amp to get a 1980s rock tone with the chorus effect.

The delay pedal will create a delay effect when you repeat a note or phrase after it’s played. You can use this effect to create the sound of an echo or reverb.

The amp will boost the guitar’s sound and give it a fuller tone. If you have an overdriven amp, it will work very well for this effect.

The more distortion you add to your sound, the better it will be.

Once both of these components are ready on stage, plug in your guitar and turn on your amp’s gain knob, so it’s at maximum level.

Please turn on your delay pedal and place it at about a two- or three-second delay time.

Then turn up the gain knob until it’s just about where all the other dials are at their maximum levels.

A male guitarist setting up guitar audio processing effects on stage.


The distortion effect is the most common and widely used guitar tone effect. It can be found on most 80s guitar riffs you hear today.

When you think of distortion, you can attribute it to the extra grit and bite heard in some sounds; it also creates a more aggressive sound with each play.

To recreate a distortion effect, you should:

  • Start by turning the volume knob down on your amp, and then turn on any effects (such as overdrive, distortion, or fuzz) that you want to use. If possible, turn down the master volume too so that there is no output from your amplifier’s speakers.
  • Next, plug your guitar into an effects loop and set it up to play through a distortion pedal.
  • Then, you may need to adjust some controls on the pedal itself, depending on what you have available — some pedals have knobs for series/parallel switch settings, and others don’t.
  • Turn up the gain until it sounds right, and turn down any other controls until they’re barely audible to reduce noise from different parts of your setup.

Finally, now you can enjoy the distorted sound effect that reminds the audience of 1980s rock bands as you play with your electric guitar string set.

Where to Find Good Electric Guitar Strings for the 1980s Dream?

Your performance can only be as solid as the electric guitar string sets you use. The better the set, the easier you can play without worrying about the strings cutting, and this is why you should look into the AE537 from Alice.

The Alice electric guitar string set is popular today because it delivers a great sound at a reasonable price. The best thing is that they will last a very long time, made from quality high-carbon steel.

This set has three gauges: extra light, super light, and light, which means that you can use them on any 6-string guitar.

The strings make it easier for you to play songs that require a lot of endurance or power, such as heavy metal or blues.

You will be able to get more out of your playing when using these electric guitar string sets because they make it easier for your fingers to move around on the fretboard without having to worry about pain.

This merit makes itself the best electric guitar string set for skillful guitarists who always practice a lot for perfection.

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Alice is all about giving the charm to your sound. They have over 20 years of experience creating musical instruments and an intense research and development team for each release.

Alice’s mission is to keep supplying music lovers with high-quality products, including the electric guitar string set, to make all music play enjoyable. For an in-depth perusal of their products, visit their website.

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