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Top Murphy Bed Companies

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Top Murphy Bed Companies

Saving on space is one consideration that can take any home and transform it, allowing you to get the most out of your home’s footprint.

In design, more people are looking for ways to utilize their space in more effective ways—and one of the more popular options is the Murphy bed.

These transformative beds present a wonderful opportunity to optimize your space while providing a much-needed piece of furniture too.

In this article, we will break down the top Murphy bed companies available.

What Are Murphy Beds?

A Murphy bed is a specific type of bed that is designed to fold away when it is not in use.

These wall beds are made to blend effortlessly into any room, and they present the perfect space-saving opportunity.

During the day, the Murphy bed will be folded up and flattened against the wall. When you are ready to use your bed for the night, you can simply pull the Murphy bed down and hop right in.

Perfect for everyday use and guests alike, Murphy beds have been popular for generations.

Companies with the Best Murphy Beds

Before you can find the perfect Murphy bed to accommodate your home, you will need to find a talented designer.

There are many different brands that offer Murphy beds, each with their own unique twists. Let’s explore the top Murphy bed companies.

Murphy Bed NYC

Whether you want a horizontal Murphy bed or a vertical Murphy bed, Murphy Bed NYC is here to provide you with high-end beds that look stunning in the home.

Their designs come in countless beautiful variations, including different styles and colors.

They even offer a Murphy bed with a couch for added convenience and function. Their beds act as a perfect décor feature when not in use and offer a wonderful night’s sleep too!

Wilding Wallbeds provides all of the comfort of a full-size Murphy bed with an added touch of style.

Each of their beds fold away into a designed storage unit that is made to look like an armoire.

To bring more convenience to their customers, they offer every size and include exciting offerings, like a Murphy bed with desk space.

If you are looking for a queen-size Murphy bed—or a twin—you will find that Murphy Bed NYC has plenty to offer.

Their simple designs are focused on providing you with a comfortable place to sleep and a little storage space too.

Each of their beds is fitted with shelves, making them ideal for spaces where your Murphy bed will not be used on a regular basis.

The Takeaway

A Murphy bed is a wonderful home addition that can bring so much to a space. Great for daily use and perfect for guests, these beds give you the power to save on space like never before.

You can enjoy the comfort of a luxury bed experience with the convenience of more free space in your home.

Whether you choose a standard model or invest in all the bells and whistles, your Murphy bed will instantly upgrade your home!

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