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Thailand’s Mathayom 6 (Grade 12) Students Fail Four out Five Subjects in National Test

– BANGKOK – The results of nationwide Ordinary National Educational Test (O-Net tests) were released Monday for Mathayom 6 (Grade 12) students which showed students failed four out of five subjects on average. Thailand’s National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Niets) said overall, average scores for over 380,000 Mathayom 6 students tested nationwide this year […]

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Learning Thai with Jen – 25 Useful Thai Phrases For Beginners

– 25 Useful Thai Phrases For Beginners – Here are usefull words and phrases for “Thai for beginners” that will help travelers and people just starting to learn Thai. (Always Remember males say Khrup after a sentance while females say Ka) 1. Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka 2. How are you? – Sa bai dee mai khrup/ka 3. […]

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Learning Thai with Jen – Tips to Practice Your Thai

– If for what ever reason you’d rather not use an app to learn Thai language then follow these steps below to help you on your way to tackling Thai. Learn the Thai alphabet – as previously mentioned the Thai alphabet consists of 44 consonants and 30 vowels which at first can be quite overwhelming. […]

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Private Schools in Thailand Risk of Closure

– BANGKOK – Secretary-General, Payom Chinnawong from the Office of Private Education Commission (Opec) reported today that the trend of private schools closing is expected to worsen, coming on top of the 40 or so that have shut down in recent years due partly to falling student rolls. Payom Chinnawong, said the shrinking student population […]

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The Thai Education System is Failing it’s Students

– The Thai education system has recently been featured in the Economist, the article discussed Thailand’s international education rankings in the recently released Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). Thailand’s scores have plunged to an overall ranking of 54 out of 70 assessed countries. PISA have found that one-third of Thailand’s 15-year-olds were “functionally illiterate.” […]

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Numerology Can Reduce The Chance of Breakups and Divorce

– Disharmony between couples leading to divorce or a breakup had become a common phenomenon today. Couples across the world are unable to sustain a long-term relationship easily. In fact, the idea of living with one person forever is getting lost amidst the growing quarrels & debates between couples. Initial attraction  successfully start a relationship […]

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Chiang Rai Students Significantly Improve English Skills by Using Qooco Mobile Learning App

– CHIANG RAI – A study conducted by researchers from two US-based education institutions showed significant improvements in Thai students’ English language abilities, following a prolonged course using the Qooco Kids English mobile learning app. The study measured the language abilities of 281 students from two Chiang Rai Municipality schools before and after they embarked […]

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In Loving Memory of His Majesty the King

Photo of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej
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