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Learning Thai with Jen – Days of The Week & Months of The Year in Thai

– If there’s one aspect of the Thai language you should learn, it’s days of the week. Why? Because knowing these 7 words is incredibly useful in everyday conversation. Days of the week come up in all aspects of basic conversation, think; “What did you do on Saturday night”, “Let’s go out to eat on […]

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Learning Thai with Jen – 50 Thai Language Phrases For The Workplace

– Even if the Thai people at your place of work speak good English, no doubt they communicate with each other in Thai a fair amount of the time. It’s never nice being left out of the conversation and not understanding what’s being said around you, but then it’s on you as the foreigner to […]

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Learning Thai With Jen – How to Refer to Yourself and Others

– How to refer to yourself and others You – Khun – คุณ Me/I – Chun (female) – ฉัน / Phom (male) ผม Him/he – Khao phu chai – เขาผู้ชาย Her/she – Khao phu ying เขาผู้หญิง We/us – Rao – เรา They – Phuak khao – พวกเขา Man – Phu chai ผู้ชาย Woman – Phu […]

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Numeroligy: How a Name Change Can Be a Destiny Change

  – Your name is a vibration associated with a number. Did you know that each alphabet of your name has a certain value? We can calculate your name number by adding the numbers of your name and once the numbers have been added then we can know which single planet rules your name and […]

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Learning Thai with Jen – 100 Useful Thai Words

– 1. come – มา (maa) 2. get – ได้รับ (dai-rub) 3. give – ให้ (hai) 4. go – ไป (pai) 5. keep – เก็บ (geb) 6. let – ปล่อยให้ (ploi- hai) 7. make – ทำให้ (thum-hai) 8. put – วาง (waang) 9. seem – ดูเหมือน (doo-hmoun) 10. take – ใช้เวลา (chai-ve-la) –This means to […]

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Collecting Debt in Thailand

– With the Thai economy stagnating, household debt is reaching record levels on an annual basis. According to the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the average household debt reached nearly 300,000 baht in 2016. This amount is higher than the annual income of the average Thai family. Seventy-four percent of families in debt […]

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Learning Thai with Jen – 10 Things you can say other than Sawadee Khrup

– As a foreigner in Thailand, you’ll find yourself saying constantly “Sawadee khrup/ka (hello)”, which is a good thing because it means you’re living in a friendly place, right? This is a bit of a problem if the only two things you can say are “Sawadee krup/ka” and “Sabai dee mai khrup/ka”? Things get a […]

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In Loving Memory of His Majesty the King

Photo of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej
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