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Student Visa in Canada: Student Visa Facts in Canada



Student Visa in Canada

Visas for students in Canada are regulated. While many worldwide do apply for a Student Visa in Canada, and regulations exist in Canada for entry for students to study, the requirements are less strict than those in other countries such as the United States.

In the United States, there are many types of student visas, and the process is more complex and demanding. Even when granted a Student Visa in the USA, the regulations do not allow entry until thirty days before courses start and this gives little time to adjust to a new culture. The paperwork can also be so voluminous and consuming that an attorney is needed to process a visa to the USA successfully.

Student Visa Processes in Canada and Some Additional Facts

There are regulations especially with certain countries, such as India, where a Study Permit and a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) are required. Student Permits are not Visas but an extra step in the process that attests that study is what is sought in Canada. These permits are issued by the Citizen and Immigration (CIC) and do require proof of acceptance by a college or university.

In addition, Canada was ranked as one of the best places to live and study by the United Nations. The Canadian people are accepting of differences and friendly, and there is an opportunity to learn not only English but French, as Canada is home to both English and French-speaking populations.

Major Reasons Why International Students Seek Visas in Canada

  • The tuition for colleges and universities is generally lower than in other developed countries
  • There is an opportunity to stay in Canada after graduation and work there
  • According to the Canadian Student Center, Canada appeals to students as there is a lot of unsettled land as well as large cities
  • Also according to the Canadian Student Center, Canadian colleges and universities promote immigration and Student Visas
  • The quality of life in Canada is high with a clean environment and sanitary conditions
  • The amount of crime is relatively low compared to other countries
  • Warm and welcoming students and residents in Canada exist
  • Hands-on learning with attention given to each student is common

How to Prepare for a Student Visa in Canada

The Citizen and Immigration arm of the Canadian Government conveniently has an online portal where individuals can apply for study in Canada. In addition, a full year or full course of study is not required, but instead six months. However, there are things a potential student must do before seeking a Student Visa in Canada.

  • A crucial point is checking within one’s own country on any restrictions on travel or Visas
  • Ensuring that acceptance at a college or university has occurred as a letter from the institution stating this is required by the Canadian Government
  • Make sure that all paperwork is thoroughly completed
  • Preparation by learning at least some English or French depending upon the location of the college or university it is a step that will help adjustment within Canada
  • Learning everything possible about the culture and traditions in Canada
  • Prepare for some “culture shock” as it will occur initially and knowing it is temporary and will pass will make the transition easier
  • If possible speak with others either online or offline who have already studied in Canada
  • Standards of study are high so ensure that each course taken is given full time and attention or the Student Visa can be revoked
  • A minimum of three courses per semester is required in Canada so make sure that the minimum course number is met each semester

What Causes a Student to be deported while on a Visa in Canada?

There are many reasons that international students might be deported.

  1. Lying about any aspect of the initial paperwork
  2. Committing a crime of any type
  3. Working while studying in Canada. Students can work while studying in Canada but a special work permit is needed
  4. Entering illegally by using false information
  5. Pretending to be a United States citizen if fluent in English
  6. Using a “fake marriage” to be approved
  7. If staying in a dormitory breaking dormitory rules or causes a ruckus within a dormitory
  8. Fighting in a dormitory

The above problems arise more times for students on a Visa in Canada than most individuals realize. When entering from another country, where laws might not be strict, and different actions might be considered crimes in Canada does lead to a lot of problems.

In Canada, public drunkenness although a minor crime can lead to deportation, yet in an international country of origin, this might not be considered an infraction of the law. While the initial Student Visa process in Canada might not be as strict as other countries, Canada takes its laws seriously as any developed country does. Studying all aspects of the culture in Canada is necessary.

College and university campuses in North America as a whole, even Canada are notorious for their “dorm parties” where the alcohol can flow. A student who is from Canada might partake in these parties without risking anything but perhaps a rebuke from the administration if the behaviour is outrageous.

However, an international student, who is not a resident of Canada can face deportation so it is best to watch all behaviours while in Canada and just avoid trouble.

Conclusion of Student Visa Facts in Canada

Studying in Canada can be a great, inspiring experience and there is a chance after graduation to obtain a job and stay in Canada. But this should never be taken lightly as rules and regulations do apply. A lot of work and research before trying to obtain a Student Visa in Canada is necessary. It should not be viewed as a way to obtain entry into Canada, but rather as a way to earn a great education and experience a great cultural adventure. If in doubt, on any part of the process an attorney who specializes in immigration should be consulted. Even if not approved the first time, a second application can be done but timeframes exist in between.


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