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Officials: Russia Shells Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Plant in Ukraine




As fighting continues across the smaller country of Ukraine, the Russian invasion of the country enters its second week.

Kherson was reported to be controlled by one side or the other, but descriptions of this conflict were contradictory. Even though the Russian military is trying to take over Kiev, the Ukrainians still have control of the capital. On Wednesday, heavy shelling took place between Maripol, the port city, and Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine.

It is difficult to confirm specific accounts of military activity in Ukraine because the situation on the ground there can change at any moment.

Officials from Ukraine’s government said smoke was seen coming from the country’s largest nuclear power plant, as Russia attacked the city of Enerhodar.

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An attack by Russian troops on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant resulted in the plant going up in flames early on Friday morning, the mayor of Energodar, a nearby town, said.

In a tweet on Sunday, Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said the Russian army has been firing from all directions at Zaporizhzhia NPP, Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant. Several fires have already started in the area. There is a chance that the explosion will be 10 times more powerful than Chornobyl! ” Russians must STOP THE FIRE IMMEDIATELY, let firefighters put out the fire, and establish security zones before retiring.”””

Immediately following the release of the reports, stock futures started to turn negative.

Andriy Tuz, the spokesperson for the Enerhodar power plant, said in a video posted on Telegram that they must stop firing heavy weapons at the facility. The biggest atomic power station in Europe has a real threat of nuclear danger in the form of an underground atomic power plant.

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A fierce battle has erupted between local forces and Russian forces, Dmytro Orlov stated in an online post, adding that there were casualties without providing any additional details.

Russian troops had entered the town with tanks earlier, Ukrainian authorities reported that the Russian soldiers were stepping up their efforts to take over the plant.

On his Telegram channel, Orlov wrote, “The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is on fire due to continuous enemy shelling of buildings and units of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.” Using this as a cite for his concerns about the security of the world, he said that perpetual shelling of nuclear power plants is a threat to global stability. His derailment was not his fault.

The information was not immediately verified by Reuters.

Video shows flames and black smoke rising above the city of 50,000, with hundreds of people passing wrecked cars, just one day after the United Nations Nations Nations’ nuclear agency expressed grave concern that the fighting could accidentally damage Ukraine’s 15 reactors.




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