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Chiang Mai Ranked No.1 for the Safest City in Southeast Asia

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Chiang Mai Ranked No.1 for the Safest City in Southeast Asia

(CTN News) – According to a recent study, the Thai city of Chiang Mai in the north is the safest in Southeast Asia and the 31st globally.

The results were released in the biggest crowd-sourced worldwide database that records this information, Number’s City 2023 Crime Index and Safety Index.

With a safety score of 75.5 and a crime index of 24.5, Chiang Mai was rated as the safest city in Southeast Asia.

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The crime index shows the amount of crime in a certain city, while the safety index gauges how safe it is thought to be to walk alone both during the day and at night.

With a crime index of 11.2 and a safety rating of 88.8, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, was named the safest city in the world. Caracas, Venezuela, was rated as the least secure city, with a safety rating of 16.4 and a crime index of 83.6.

Southeast Asia’s seventh-ranked city, Bangkok, has a safety value of 59.5 and a crime index of 40.5.

Even if the score is lower than Chiang Mai, it demonstrates the government’s efforts to reduce crime, enhance the lives of its inhabitants, and inspire trust in international tourists.


The government organizations in charge of ensuring safety and security across the nation have received praise from Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

He commended their efforts to combat crime, enhance people’s lives, and increase foreigners’ trust.

Three notable safe cities include Quebec City, the safest in North America and sixth overall; Taiwan rated third and first in Asia; and San Sebastian, Spain, ranked eighth worldwide and is the safest city in Europe. The 26th safest American city is Irvine, a suburb of Los Angeles.

spain tourists

On the opposite end of the scale, South Africa has the distinction of having two of the worst three cities, with Pretoria coming in second and Durban coming third.

Preston, in the UK, is fourth from the bottom, just ahead of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, where cannibalism is still practiced.

Baltimore is the worst city in the US, coming in at number 405, ahead of Memphis, Tennessee, at number 403, and Detroit, which is often cited as an example of an out-of-control hazardous metropolis, at number 402.

A crowd-sourced database called Numbeo offers data on housing, crime, health, transit, cost of living, and other topics.

The website is renowned for its thorough statistics and is used internationally to assess living standards in different places.

The top 50 safest cities worldwide:

Rank – City – Safety Index

1 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 88.4
2 Doha, Qatar 85.6
3 Taipei, Taiwan (China) 85.0
4 Ajman, United Arab Emirates 84.6
5 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 84.3
6 Quebec City, Canada 83.8
7 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 83.6
8 San Sebastian, Spain 83.1
9 Bern, Switzerland 82.0
10 Munich, Germany 81.2
11 Trondheim, Norway 80.9
12 Zurich, Switzerland 80.8
13 Eskisehir, Turkey 80.8
14 Muscat, Oman 80.1
15 Tartu, Estonia 79.0
16 The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands 78.6
17 Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China) 78.6
18 Basel, Switzerland 78.4
19 Yerevan, Armenia 78.4
20 Ljubljana, Slovenia 78.3
21 Groningen, Netherlands 77.9
22 Zagreb, Croatia 77.6
23 Cluj-Napoca, Romania 77.5
24 Tampere, Finland 77.5
25 Eindhoven, Netherlands 77.2
26 Irvine, CA, United States 77.1
27 Stavanger, Norway 76.7
28 Coquitlam, Canada 76.7
29 Reykjavik, Iceland 76.1
30 Tallinn, Estonia 75.9
31 Chiang Mai, Thailand 75.9
32 Tokyo, Japan 75.7
33 Timisoara, Romania 75.6
34 Prague, Czech Republic 75.4
35 Seoul, South Korea 75.3
36 Helsinki, Finland 75.2
37 Aalborg, Denmark 75.2
38 Rijeka, Croatia 74.5
39 Oakville, Canada 74.4
40 Canberra, Australia 74.4
41 Bergen, Norway 74.3
42 Krakow (Cracow), Poland 74.3
43 Tbilisi, Georgia 74.2
44 Graz, Austria 74.1
45 Warsaw, Poland 74.0
46 Mangalore, India 73.9
47 Brno, Czech Republic 73.9
48 Wroclaw, Poland 73.8
49 Lausanne, Switzerland 73.8
50 Utrecht, Netherlands 73.8

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