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Ukraine War

Odesa Almost Out Of Power Network After Russia Drones Attack



Odesa Almost Out Of Power Network After Russia Drones Attack

(CTN News) – Russia deployed drones produced in Iran to attack two energy facilities, leaving all non-critical infrastructure in the Ukrainian port city of Odesa without electricity, authorities said on Saturday, adding that it may take months to restore the damage.

More than 1.5 million people in the southern port city and the surrounding area, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky, are without energy. He characterized the situation as very challenging.

Moscow has been using heavy missile and drone assaults on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since October.

The regional government said that people who completely depended on energy to power their houses should think about moving. According to officials, during the early hours of Saturday, Russian attacks struck important transmission lines and machinery.

The government said that restoring energy infrastructure in the Odesa area would take far longer than it had following earlier strikes.

It said in a Facebook post that “we are not talking about days, but even weeks and potentially even two to three months.”

Before Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Odesa, the country’s main port city, had a population of over a million people.

According to Kyiv, Russia has fired hundreds of Shahed-136 drones built in Iran against targets in Ukraine. Due to the assaults’ terrible impact on human life, Kyiv classifies the operations as war crimes. Moscow asserts that they are valid militarily.

Zelensky said there was a major shortage in the quantity of electricity being produced in a video speech.

According to the prosecutor general’s office in Ukraine, Shahed-136 drones attacked two power plants in the Odesa area.

15 drones had been fired at targets in the southern districts of Odesa and Mykolaiv, according to a Facebook post by Ukraine’s military forces, and 10 of them had been shot down.

Tehran denies giving Moscow the drones. That is a falsehood, according to Kyiv and its Western friends.

The defence ministry of Britain said on Saturday that it anticipated an increase in Iran’s military assistance to Russia in the coming months, including potential supplies of ballistic missiles.

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