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Sanook com is a Thai-language web-based interface and news site situated in Thailand. It is among the nation’s most visited sites and one of the longest inactivity, having been dispatched in 1998. The site is worked by Tencent Company (Thailand) Co., Ltd., recently known as Mweb (Thailand) from 1998 to 2007, and Sanook Online until 2016, when it was renamed to mirror its securing by China-based parent Tencent.

History of was established in 1998 by Thai web business person Poramate Minsiri. In those days, the Thai internet was as yet in its outset, and Sanook, what began as a web index, formed into the nation’s first significant web-based interface and immediately became one of its top-visited locales. Poramate tested and added highlights as per social patterns; one model was its assortment of ideas for charming and interesting pager messages. The site’s name, from the Thai word signifying “fun”, just as its unique logo (adapted as SANOOK!), were enlivened by Yahoo!’s.

In May 1999, Sanook was gained by South Africa–based Naspers—which was making an arrangement of worldwide web properties just like the pattern during the website blast—through its auxiliary MIH, for an undisclosed aggregate, estimated to be in the scope of numerous huge number of baht., alongside a few other Thai web properties, turned out to be important for the Mweb (Thailand) Company, headed by Craig White. Mweb additionally dispatched another web-based interface, determined to foster it as a worldwide brand serving the area—to the detriment of Sanook, a move challenged by Poramate. Not long after, notwithstanding, the blasting of the website bubble constrained MIH to downsize its activities, leaving Mweb (Thailand) in the hand of Thai leaders.

Poramate left after the term of his agreement finished and later proceeded to build up, which would become one of Sanook’s fundamental rivals.

In 2006, MIH offloaded its possessions in the satellite TV administrator UBC and the network access supplier KSC to True Corporation, leaving the web properties as Mweb’s last tasks in Thailand. By then, at that point, had neglected to secure itself and was stopped, for merging the organization’s web properties under the area.

The move was to a great extent fruitful in holding Sanook’s situation as the top-visited site against rising contender Kapook. Mweb (Thailand) was renamed Sanook Online in 2007.

In October 2010, China-based web goliath Tencent (which is additionally halfway claimed by Sanook’s parent Naspers) procured a 49.92$ stake in Sanook Online for 81.7 million Hong Kong dollars (US$10.52M). Thai experts noticed that this was a low figure for the country’s most famous site, presumably due part of the way to its measure of amassed shortage, at 1,325 million baht (US$41M).

The move was viewed as making ready for Tencent’s dynamic venture into Thailand. Krittee Manoleehagul was welcomed on as overseeing chief.

Tencent took full responsibility for Online in 2012, which has since dispatched a few new items. In 2016, the organization was renamed Tencent (Thailand). As well as working, it currently supervises the Thai tasks of Joox and WeChat, just as different administrations. has been positioned by web traffic analyzer Truehits as the top-visited Thai site for each successive year beginning around 2003 (when rankings were first declared), besides in 2013 when it was overwhelmed by (The well-known web discussion doesn’t take part in the positioning.)

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