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On Pornhub Website, A Math Teacher Uploaded his Videos




Many People Teach Math in Different websites and platforms, But In Pornhub Website, Taiwanese math teacher Changhsu clarifies troublesome math in completely dressed and safe-for-work lessons. He was Teaching Online.


math Pornhub

math Pornhub


When you consider Pornhub, you most likely consider por*n, isn’t that so? All things considered, the site is wall-to-wall por*nography. But, one math teacher named Changshu saw something was absent: math.

“Since There are a lot of people who watch video on these por*n websites and there is no any person who teaches match on these por*n websites, I imagined that in the event that I transferred my videos there, many people would see them,” Changshu told Mel Magazine (by means of Gigazine). He tried taking his math lessons to other adult video platforms like XVideos, however, those websites evidently don’t permit non-adult video clips. Only Pornhub is considerably more Welcoming.

These Adult Video Platforms Have Different Video Categories, Such As:

  • Spy Cam Video
  • Child Pornography
  • Revenge Pornography
  • Child Abuse Videos
  • Rape Videos
  • Sexual Assault

Under the handle changhsumath666, the 34-year-old math teacher’s verified account has gotten over 1.7 million views, and features the trademark, “Play Hard, Study Hard!”

math Pornhub

math Pornhub

Every video is encircled with promotions of things like “Live Se*x,” yet in Changshu’s calculus videos, the main express things are numbers. He shows up in the video after video in his dark hoodie and glasses, cautiously clarifying things like the differential strategies, in his local Mandarin.

“Many people may not be interested to see my videos on por*n websites, however, they’ll all know there’s a teacher who shows calculus on an adult video stage,” he added. By his assessment, well over the portion of his watchers come for the curiosity of seeing hard math educated on Pornhub. That implies that the remainder of his watchers could be intentionally deciding to learn Calculus on an adult video platform.

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Note:  A man, Who Upload Videos on the dark web or any other web and Monetizes Child rapes and sexual abuse, Pornhub’s Parent Company Should remove videos and send him reports for violations of illegal content or misogynist content, whether they upload videos on pornhub premium. Some Fool People Share Video URL to Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and these company Remove those sex act links Instantaneously. Pornhub Company Should Also do that.

The objective is for watchers to signup for Changshu’s online math course, which nets him more than $250,000 per year, which he uses to pay his staff and produce the math video clips.

“I would not like to show math on Pornhub,” he tells Mel Magazine. “I needed to tell the world that I’m a teacher from Taiwan who can teach calculus to anyone very well.” Hey, who said math is not se*xy?

math pornhub

math pornhub


You can follow Changshu on Instagram, here. Assuming you need to look at his lessons, less the Pornhub, Changshu additionally has a YouTube account.

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