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Thailand Travel Guide: Tips and Tricks for Staying Safe in 2021

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Thailand Travel Guide Tips and Tricks for Staying Safe in 2021

Has someone told you that Thailand is a dangerous place to visit? Well, that’s just a rumor. Mostly, those who cannot afford to travel to exotic countries scare tourists off by some fairy tales. However, you may wonder about safety for another reason: COVID-19.

By this time, the country reported 26,073 cases of COVID-19, with 25,420 recovered patients and only 84 deaths. Those are some of the best statistics around the globe. However, there are certain regions to avoid.

Please read our tips to get ready for your trip. If you are a student, you may later write a paper on your impressions or get one from However, it is always better to explore the country on your own!

Stay Away from these Locations for Your Safety and Convenience

Now, it is not that you risk getting murdered or robbed in the regions mentioned in this section. It’s just that their local rules might be too weird or there is nothing to look at. Get off the beaten path – do not visit Pattani, Yala, Songkhla, and Narathiwat regions. The reason is the ongoing racial conflicts. It is better to spend your time attending places of sightseeing in the north of the country.

You should not forget that some people in Thailand are living in poverty. To survive, they might have to conduct small crimes like stealing pockets and bags of tourists. That is why you should keep an eye on that in any corner of the country. Avoid putting on a loose purse or a backpack.

What if I’m a Female Traveler?

Some girls and women prefer traveling without their boyfriends and spouses just to relax being alone. Solo female travelers should not be scared unless they stick to their guide and group. There are plenty of hostels designed only for females. No one will bother you. You may have to consult your agent to select a secure villa for your trip. Click here for villas.

Avoid Talking Political

The local population does not really like to hear tourists discussing their current might. It is better not to comment on what the king does based on what you might learn from the news or your guide. This figure is worshipped like a God in Thailand. Thus, you may be punished for criticizing him or his approaches to the ruling. You might also want to at least have a look at the local Lese Majeste laws.

Mind What You Consume

Not everything that you can buy in the local grocery stores is edible. It is not that it is poisonous or something. It’s just that some exotic food may cause allergies and other health issues.

You should trust only places that the locals choose as they would not risk their lives. While many countries offer the best dishes in restaurants, in Thailand, you can find traditional, high-quality food on the streets. It does not consist of fast-food only. The places that are full of tourists instead of the local population can be rather risky for your stomach.

Make sure that you have your drinks in the bars and pubs recommended by your navigator or tourism websites.

Avoid deserted places as they often deal with drugs and support robbery. We realize that you might hate overcrowded bars, but that is a good sign of their credibility, especially when you can notice a lot of locals there. Never accept beverages from strangers. They might poison you to steal all the money and other belongings.

Always Have Some Cash

Credit and debit cards, as well as wireless payments, are not available everywhere. For instance, if you want to taste the street food that we recommend, you can only pay with your cash. Some guys may agree to trade with you, but they value fiat money in the first place.

Moreover, despite we live in a digital age, many clubs, hostels, markets, restaurants, and local attractions do not accept credit cards. You will need some money for tips as well. Show the locals that you appreciate their work.

Finding an ATM or a bank to withdraw or exchange your money is not a problem in Thailand, except for the off-the-grid locations. Before going on an excursion, thus, it is better to take care of this question. Experts recommend bringing both coins for low-value deals and smaller notes with you everywhere.

Rent a Bike or Scooter

Why waste money on taxi and public transport? It is not that pricey in Thailand, but you can find a way better alternative. It will both cut your costs and help you keep fit. Riding a bike or scooter will help you burn plenty of calories during your vacation. So, it is a chance to remain skinny no matter how much you eat.

Harvard University was the one to conduct a study. As the results have shown, riding a bike at a speed of around twelve miles per hour will lead one to lose almost 300 calories in half an hour. As for another alternative, a scooter will cost you 200 Baht daily on average. If you don’t know how to ride a scooter, it’s pretty easy to learn if you know how to ride a bike. You can take this as another learning opportunity, as well.

It is a rather money-saving offer. There are almost always some free scooters parked on the streets. Do not try to steal them! You can also notice other types of equipment for rent, including bruises, scrapes, bandages, and cuts. The roads are not that good in Thailand, however, so watch out, especially when renting a car and remember you’ll need an international driving permit. Furthermore you should put on a full-time face hamlet for your safety.

Final Thoughts

The last but not least important thing is dress code. It is okay to put on your regular clothes for a street walk or shopping. However, bear in mind that you have to respect the local traditions and religion to avoid punishment. Wear the correct attire when visiting temples and churches in Thailand.

So, these are the tips that can prevent you from various dangers and even save your life in Thailand. Most of these recommendations work for all exotic countries. Based on our research, we can conclude that traveling to Thailand is relatively safe. In southeast Asia, it is the least dangerous country based on many factors. Good luck!


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