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Understanding Different Types of Replacement Windows and Doors



Window Replacement

When installing replacement windows and doors, it can be challenging to choose a type of replacement window because of the many varieties. The window types are classified according to their opening style and the number of panes.

To select a replacement window, you must have a budget and know how you want your home to look. Each type has different buying and installation costs. We have some replacement windows and doors, with their installation prices and a short description of the window.

Single-hung window

This window resembles another type called a double-hung window. Their difference is that the single-hung has two sashes, but only one is operable. If you are installing a single-hung window, you could spend around $170-$360. To open the window, you move the lower sash up, but the upper sash is not operable. This window is easy to clean and provides lighting and ventilation to the room.

Double-hung windows

This window is different from the single-hung because both sashes for this one operate. The window is easy to clean because the sashes are tiltable. You can spend approximately $450-$600 for installation. These windows are more costly than the single hung, but they are a common choice for homeowners.

Awning window

You will find these windows mostly in houses located in areas with a rainy climate. Awning windows are hinged at the top, and they open from the bottom. They are preferred in these climates because they shield rainwater from entering the house. They cost $420-$780.

Bay windows

A bay window is costly to install because of its size. The average price you will pay is $1100-$3500. These windows are made to protrude from the outer wall, creating a small shelf in the window area. The window consists of a centre part from which the other two windows are situated at angles of 30 to 40 degrees.

Casement windows

They have hinges on the area fixed on the wall. Casement windows open outwards like a door, and they are preferred for ventilation and unobstructed view. You will spend about $270-$750 to install new casement windows. You can get a discount if you install windows and doors at the same time.

Egress windows

These windows are mainly built for safety. They are installed in the house to provide an emergency exit if a fire breaks out. They are commonly found in basements because you cannot jump from a high point. They require the area you are installing them to be clear for a safe landing. An egress window will cost you about $1000-$5000 to install.

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Understanding Different Types of Replacement Windows and Doors

Garden windows

They are mainly installed for plants. They resemble the bay windows. When installed, they look like small greenhouses where you can place your flowers. A garden window will cost you about $1000-$4000 for installation.

Glass block windows

These windows are mainly fixed, with translucent glasses for privacy. They are installed in rooms like the bathroom to allow light in the room as they provide privacy. You can also install glass block windows in other rooms, with a combination of operable windows for ventilation. These windows will have you spend $365-$780 for installation.

Hopper windows

They have hinges at the bottom and open from the top. Most homeowners install hopper windows on basements and bathrooms. They are suitable for insulation and also lighting and ventilation. They cost about $265-$720 to install.

Picture windows

If you have a house that is facing the ocean or a forest, these are the best windows to install. They are also called fixed windows since they cannot open. Since picture windows are not operable, they are combined with another operable window like an awning or casement for ventilation. These windows give an unobstructed view. Be ready to spend $250-$850, depending on the size of your window.

Circle windows

They appear in different shapes. You can get around, half-round, or oval windows to increase the curb appeal of your home. These windows cost about $250-$750 to install.

Skylight windows

They are quite costly to install. One skylight window could cost you $900-$2130 to install. They are mainly installed on the roof to bring in more natural light to the room. This is the best option if you have limited space for windows in your house.


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