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Spectacular Places to Visit and Must Stays in Laos



Spectacular Places to Visit in Laos

There are some spectacular places to visit in Laos beyond anything you’ve seen before. A trip to Laos is like a breath of fresh air for jaded world-travelers who think they’ve seen it all.

It’s somewhat remarkable in a world full of manufactured tourist traps and overdeveloped resort destinations that the major attractions of Laos are, by and large, ancient and/or natural.

This is a country that respects its past as well as its natural environment. It’s also a country that seeks to maintain the wonders of the country for future generations to learn from and explore.

From the majestic forests and mountains of the country down to the lush lowlands beside the Mekong River, if you’re interested in visiting a country of ancient, natural beauty rather than simply sunning yourself beside the pool of another resort, Laos is a country that should be on your bucket list.

Wat Phu a UNESCO heritage Site

You may think you’ve stepped back in time with a visit to Wat Phu. This UNESCO heritage site beside the Mekong River, and in the shadows of a mountain in southern Laos is one of the oldest sites of Buddhist worship in the country.

The vibrant greens of the fields and forests surrounding the site serve to highlight these beautiful ruins. The mountain behind it is called Phu Kao mountain and is considered to be a holy site as well. The temple is Buddhist, but with relics of the Hinduism that figures so prominently in the history of Laos.

If you stroll around the grounds, you’ll happen across other smaller ruins of temples. The entire site was part of the ancient city of Shrestapura, of which little now remains.

 The 4000 Islands

Explore the 4000 islands of the lower Mekong River in Laos by boat and experience the utter beauty and tranquillity that the river has bestowed on this stunning natural attraction.

You won’t find any Wifi hotspots or ATMs when you venture out among the 4000 islands. And accommodations on the islands themselves are confined to local guesthouses.

But in exploring this place to visit in Laos, you’ll experience what life is like for the rural people of Laos who fish in the river and supplement this diet with what they grow in the fertile fields along the river. Eat what local Laos eat and sleep with the gentle murmur of the river in your ears, and you’ll discover the beautiful simplicity of the life they lead.

 The Living Land Company

If you want to get even closer to the land and feel the mud between your toes, schedule a visit to the Living Land Company. This organic farm is a real working farm that supplies crops to the town of Luang Prabang.

Located in the countryside outside of Luang Prabang mountain vistas surround the farm. The farm also offers tourists the opportunity to find out what it’s like to plow a rice field behind a buffalo and tend to the chores around the farm. See what it’s like to live the life of Lao farmer, if only for a day.

The more you travel and learn about the country, the more spectacular places to visit in Laos you’ll discover. A trip to Laos will open your eyes to the sheer beauty of the country.

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