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European Design and Italian Home Furniture in Thailand



Explore a world where art meets functionality by browsing among the creations of Italian furniture designers at a home furniture store in Thailand.

Italian furniture design is a style of artistic endeavour combined with everyday functionality. Especially that has made its mark all over the world. Italian furniture is known as much for the quality of its craftsmanship as it is for its design aesthetics.

Italian furniture designers first began to capture the world’s attention in the early 1900s when a furniture style emerged that encompassed interior design, art and a high level of craftsmanship and durability.

Best-known Italian designers

The early designs borrowed heavily from the French art deco styles of the day. But around the 1920s, the Italians started to refine their design style into more of a spare, artistic vision that was called “razionalismo” or rationalism.

A cadre of Italian designers, called the “Gruppo 7”, spearheaded this design style, and the leaders of this talented group were Luigi Figini, Gino Pollini and Giuseppe Terragni.

One of the best-known Italian designers who worked in the Rationalism style was Gio Ponti who was trained as an architect but branched out to include interior design, industrial design and furniture design as well in his wide-ranging portfolio.

Ponti was known for the creativity, elegance and sophistication of his designs, and was the figurehead of a rapid expansion of the Italian design ethic between the 40s and 70s.

Evolution of Rationalism

From rationalism to the “Linea Italiana” and “Bel Design” of the 60s and 70s, Italian interior and furniture design made headlines around the world as much for its attention to structural integrity as for the unique and creative styles it included.

The primary aesthetics of rationalism have been absorbed into many other Italian design disciplines over the years. Industrial and automotive design have invested heavily in the Italian design style. From the 1960s Olivetti typewriters to Vespa motor-scooters and the supercars of Lamborghini and Ferrari today, Italy has become famed for their unique ability to create functional works of art that touch and beautify every aspect of the world around you.

Bringing Italian Furniture Style to Thailand

The Italian design style can be seen in Thailand at any home furniture stores in Bangkok. Designers around the world have adopted the spare lines, elegance and unmistakable soul of the Italian design aesthetic.

But to truly see the purity of the design style and craftsmanship, you must view Italian designed and manufactured furniture up close.

Feel the texture of the fabrics, see the subtle colours under natural light and look closely at the construction methods used to create these affordable works of art.

A home furniture store in Bangkok that carries Italian furniture is indeed like visiting an art gallery. And, like art, every piece of quality Italian furniture can be considered as an investment, one that can be lovingly passed to your children and grandchildren.

Visit a home furniture store in Bangkok that carries Italian designed and manufactured furniture to view and appreciate the quality and design style that has made Italy famous.


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