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Supporting Conservation at an Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Elephant nature parks in Chiang Mai and elsewhere across Thailand are changing the tide in elephant conservation.



The world is coming around to recognizing the historically detrimental treatment of elephants worldwide. By visiting an elephant nature park in Chiang Mai, you’ll be able to interact with the elephants and learn more about their natural habitat. You will learn what everyone can do to right the wrongs and prevent further abuse of the magnificent animals.

Elephant nature parks in Chiang Mai and elsewhere across Thailand are changing the tide in elephant conservation. They serve two purposes. They educate visitors to the harm that the past logging industry has done to elephants in Thailand over the years, and the harm the tourism industry is still causing them.

They also serve as a haven for elephants. The fees that visitors pay to interact with these gentle creatures pays for their shelter, food, and medical care. The medical care is an essential facet of their well-being. Many elephants in these parks and sanctuaries have suffered years of crippling abuse at the hands of their former owners.

The administrators of these parks travel the country rescuing and transporting the elephants to their parks and nursing the animals back to health. The fees that visitors pay covers a lot of the costs of performing this necessary duty to the elephants of Thailand.

Your Visit Supplies Needed Support

This is why visiting an elephant nature park in Chiang Mai should be on every tourist’s list of things to do when taking a holiday in Chiang Mai. By visiting the elephants in their natural surroundings, you’ll be able to experience what life should be like for these animals.

You can also educate your children on the need for an ongoing program of conservation regarding the world’s elephants as well as every other wild animal. A trip to an elephant nature park in Chiang Mai will be a fun adventure for your kids and will create empathy in them for the plight of the elephants.

As more and more people experience this fun adventure, the elephants benefit as well. More and more elephants can be rescued because of the increasing fees. If you want to do even more, all of these parks and sanctuaries accept donations and volunteers to both work with the animals and to publicize the need for increased support in your local community.

Spreading the Word

Spreading the word about support for elephants is as worthwhile a task in conservation as in donating.

As we’ve seen, the more people know about the cruel treatment of elephants and other wild animals. The greater the social pressure becomes to stop it. Companies that have made a tidy living off of the exploitation of elephants for years. These elephant prisons are now finding themselves with a shrinking number of customers.

Visiting an elephant nature park in Chiang Mai is the first step in understanding the need for increased conservation. It’s also something that should be number one on your list of activities on your next visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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