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Questions to Ask Helicopter Tour Service in Nepal



Questions to Ask Helicopter Tour Service in Nepal

Here are 25 questions you must ask to the helicopter tour service in Nepal before or while you’re booking your next trip.

Before you hire a helicopter tour service in Nepal, you should ask a few questions to them, as these services are very expensive. This is a compilation of all the important questions you should ask.

1. What location is Everest Base Camp at?

The Everest Base Camp is located in eastern Nepal’s Solukhumbu District. It is approximately 160 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the capital city.

2. How far can a typical helicopter travel in the Himalayas?

A typical airbus B3 helicopter can fly over 25,000 feet. This occurs as the helicopter’s maximum height is determined by the engine’s capacity to operate in thin air.

3. Does the helicopter land somewhere at the summit of Mount Everest?

No, a helicopter doesn’t quite land on the summit of Mount Everest. It lands at Everest View Hotel and Kalapathar where you can see the prefect view of Mount Everest

4. What makes a helicopter tour the easiest method see Mount Everest ?

There is no road that leads to Mount Everest, so the only way to access it is by foot or by helicopter. Taking a Helicopter tour to Mount Everest is a convenient and hassle-free way to see Everest without the physical strain of a trek.

Shuttle helicopters offer the opportunity to join a fixed departure tour from Kathmandu, eliminating the need to book a charter helicopter.

This allows individuals to easily and safely experience the beauty of the mountain without the time and effort required for a trek.

5. Can we fly to the summit of Mount Everest and then hike down?

No, owing to the thin air at such high altitudes, a helicopter cannot reach the summit of Mt Everest. You must land at Kalapathar to see the perfect view of Everest. Or Kalapathar.

6. Can your pets accompany you on the helicopter trip to the Everest region?

Pets are not permitted on helicopter trips in the Everest zone.

7. Why is it impossible for the helicopter to travel to Mt. Everest?

The peak of Mount Everest has a thin atmosphere and low air pressure, which makes it impossible for helicopters to take off or lift. As a result, it is not possible for a helicopter to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

8. Do aircraft fly above Mount Everest?

Commercial planes typically fly at altitudes of 28,000-35,000 feet (8,000 meters).

The Everest Mahalangur Himalayan range is approximately 30,000 feet high, which can present challenges for aircraft flying at these altitudes.

As a result, planes do not typically fly above Mount Everest. However, a Mt. Everest base camp helicopter tour offers a panoramic view of the mountain and the surrounding range, providing a unique and breathtaking experience.

9. Are children permitted on the Everest area helicopter tour?

Yes, you may take your children on the Everest helicopter trip.

10. How much time is required for the helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla?

Under ideal conditions, the journey from Kathmandu to Lukla takes 50-55 minutes in a helicopter

11. How much time does the helicopter take to land and stay at Kalapatthar?

This helicopter will land for 5 to 10 minutes in Kalapatthar to allow for sightseeing and photography.

12. How much time does the helicopter ride from Lukla to Everest Base Camp or Kalapathar take?

The Everest Base Camp chopper takes roughly 20 minutes to land in Everest Base Camp or Kalapathar from Lukla.

13. Do you bring oxygen with you on the flight?

No, oxygen is available during the trip in case of an emergency. So you don’t need to carry it yourself.

14. What sort of clothing should we bring on tour?

The clothing you should wear is dictated by the weather in the Everest area. You will need winter clothing to keep warm during the trip.

In addition, smart wool socks and windcheaters should be worn even during a helicopter tour.

Gloves, sunglasses, and ear and neck mufflers are also required. You should also apply some cold cream on your face. Before you go on vacation, you should check the weather prediction and climatic updates.

15. What is the expense of an Everest base camp helicopter tour?

An Everest base camp helicopter trip with a stop on Kala Patthar would charge over US 1200 for a single person and US 4000 for a charter flight

16. Would the helicopter hold on to a particular request for a little longer?

The helicopter might stay for a further 2-3 minutes, but no longer. This is because it is dangerous to keep helicopters at high altitudes due to low oxygen levels. Furthermore, even while landing at Everest Base Camp/Kala Patthar, the helicopter cannot be turned off

17. Are helicopter trips accessible in the Everest zone?

You will have the choice of taking a personalized tour or joining a group excursion. The private tour is great for a private vacation with family and friends, while the group participation excursion is ideal for single travelers.

18. Can a solitary traveler fly in a helicopter?

Yes, individual travelers can join the helicopter trip as part of a group. Usually, group tours are less costly than private trips.

19. How highly trained and experienced are the pilots?

Pilots are fully qualified professionals with decades of expertise in helicopter flight. Furthermore, our courteous staff is well-versed in hospitality management.

20. What effect does the helicopter flight have on the nearby environment?

Tour service providers conduct environmentally responsible and sustainable tourism. We make certain that their helicopter trip does not disrupt the region’s pure local ecosystem. Furthermore, they foster authentic rural life and native customs.

21. Is there a pressurized helicopter cabin?

No, Nepal does not have pressurized cabin helicopters.

22. Why can’t a helicopter reach the same altitude as an airplane?

Helicopters require a certain lift in order to fly. The extreme Himalayan conditions feature a thin atmosphere and a low atmosphere. As a result, helicopters cannot fly as high as planes.

23. What’s the maximum altitude reached by helicopter?

Didier Delsalle’s Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel touched landed on the summit of Mount Everest, 29,029 feet, creating a Guinness world record.

24. Does the helicopter trip depart on time?

If the weather cooperates, Everest Base Camp helicopter flights depart on schedule. However, in inclement weather, you may encounter disruptions or cancellations.

25. What happens in any scenario of a medical emergency?

Pilots, ground crew, and other crew members have received extensive training in first aid facilities. In addition, tour service providers offer helicopter evacuation in the event of medical or other emergencies.

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