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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds: Buying Guide



How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds: Buying Guide

Cannabis seeds production has been on the rise for the past decade, and it’s not hard to see why.

With many active compounds that provide countless benefits, cannabis is a beautiful plant with many benefits to health, wellness, and the Environment.

It’s no surprise that many people are turning to grow their own plants as a way of accessing high-quality cannabis.

To get started with growing your cannabis, you’ll need a few things; some basic knowledge of strains, equipment, growing space, and, most importantly: seeds.

Cannabis seeds aren’t hard to come by, but you do need to find out what type of Cannabis strain you are looking for before you buy your seeds.

While many people like to buy from seed banks that specialize in seeds of certain strains, more often than not, these can be a bit expensive.

An excellent place to get your seeds is a local marijuana shop or dispensary. They typically keep a large variety, and sometimes they might even give you an extra discount if you buy more than one seed pack.

Before buying cannabis seeds, there are a few factors that you’ll want to consider. These factors will help you pick the best cannabis seeds that suit your needs. These factors include the following.

1. Effects

Different cannabis strains have different types of seeds; hence when choosing your cannabis strain, you should consider the effects you want from the marijuana.

Different strains like Sativa, Indica, and hybrid provide different effects. Sativa stain gives the user an energetic and creative effect. This Sativa strain effect is great for socializing and making friends. It is also great if the user needs to stay alert or tackle a deadline.

The Indica strains provide a more relaxing effect, creating a feeling of being calm and relaxed. Indica strain is great for relaxing and winding down after a long day.

Hybrid, an equal mix of both Sativa and Indica, gives you a balanced effect of relaxation and energy. Hybrid strains are great for a range of activities depending on your mood.

2. Potency

Potency is basically the strength of the strain. For example, Sativa strains are known to be high in THC content, while Indica strains tend to be low in THC.

Knowing the potency of a seed before buying it helps you get an idea of how potent it will be when you plant it.

The stronger the potency, the better for those who would like to use it for recreational purposes and those who want a very strong high. Always try to choose a strain with high potency, as it makes for a better and more effective product.

However, higher-potency seeds are not always better. Some people prefer less potent strains. While these seeds are not as strong, they are an excellent choice for medical users.

3. Yield

The yield of the seed is important when trying to decide which seed you want to buy. The bigger the yield, the more cannabis you will produce in a short time.

Cannabis farmers who want to produce a large amount of cannabis should always choose seeds with a high yield, as this will save them money in the long run.

For less serious growers, you can choose seeds that are known to have smaller yields and a more manageable growth rate. These seeds are ideal for users who do not wish to produce cannabis quickly or do not have the space to grow large amounts of marijuana at a time.

4. Flavor and Fragrance

As with most plants, the seed comes with different flavors and fragrances. Buy seeds that are known to have a strong fragrance, as this means that it is packed with essential oils which provide nutrients to the plant.

Seeds with strong fragrances have a distinct smell, making it easy to identify the strain.

The flavor of the seeds also determines the taste of the end product. This is why you should choose seeds with good flavor based on your preferences before planting them.

The popular flavor and fragrances are;

. Caryophyllene

. Humulene

. Myrcene

. Limonene

5. Growth Rate

Choosing the right strain with a fast growth rate can be beneficial as you can harvest your plant faster.

Seeds with fast growth rates have healthy roots and the ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently, so your plant will grow stronger and quicker.

6. Flowering Period

When buying cannabis seeds, you should consider their flowering period. The flowering period is the time the seed matures enough to produce buds ready for harvest.

Some seeds have a short flowering period, while some might have a longer flowering period. Choosing a strain with a long flowering period is best, as it will give you more time to harvest the mature buds.

If your growing area is limited, you should choose seeds with a short flowering period, which will mature quicker, increasing the space you have for more cannabis seeds.

7. Cost

The cost of cannabis seeds depends on its strain, so it’s important to know how much seed you want before deciding on a seed type.

While it may seem tempting to buy a cheap strain, it is not advisable as you might get low-quality seeds that will not produce good results. It is wiser to buy high-quality cannabis seeds that have quality results and save you time and money in the long run.

8. Growing Environment

Before choosing what type of seed you want to plant, you should consider the growth environment. Different strains prosper in different conditions; Indica is better grown indoors, while Sativa grows better outdoors.

Choosing a strain that is known to do well in your Environment is important, as this will increase the chances of the plant growing healthy and strong.

The idea of having a self-contained marijuana garden is immensely popular. Getting the right seeds is the key to getting the best out of your homegrown marijuana.

The factors mentioned above will help you to decide what type of strain you should buy and how to get the best out of it. It would be best if you choose the right strain for your needs and your growing Environment.

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