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Driving Dubai’s Iconic Highways: A Guide to the City’s Most Scenic Routes



Driving Dubai's Iconic Highways

The greatest way to see Dubai’s roadways is in a plush and comfy car, and both visitors and residents like hire Range Rover in Dubai from the best car rental in Dubai.

This is ideal for exploring the city’s roadways and off-road areas because of its outstanding off-road capabilities, svelte design, and cutting-edge technology.

With numerous rental businesses offering many models, renting a Range Rover is simple and practical in Dubai. With options like climate control, cutting-edge entertainment systems, and panoramic sunroofs, renting a Range Rover allows you to enjoy the city’s famous roads and beautiful routes in elegance and comfort.

Why Range Rovers?

  1. Comfort: Dubai’s highways are occasionally long and congested. With its roomy interiors, cutting-edge temperature control systems, and adjustable seats, Range Rovers provide a comfortable ride that will make your trip more pleasant.
  2. Safety: Autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning are a few of the cutting-edge safety systems that Range Rovers are fitted with, helping to provide a stress-free and safe driving experience.
  3. Style: Driving a Range Rover is a great way to experience Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle. The Range Rover is a stylish and sophisticated car for touring the city’s famous motorways because of its sleek style and high-end features.
  4. Off-road capabilities: Range Rovers are renowned for their excellent off-road capabilities, which make them ideal for exploring Dubai’s desert landscape and off-road destinations. Range Rovers can easily navigate sandy and rocky terrain with all-terrain progress control and low-traction launch features.


Dubai’s Iconic Highways

Dubai’s highways offer stunning views of the city’s skyline, landmarks, and natural beauty. Here’s a guide to some of Dubai’s most scenic driving routes:

Sheikh Zayed Road

Description and History

One of Dubai’s most recognizable thoroughfares, Sheikh Zayed Road, extends over 55 kilometers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. The city’s commercial and business districts, notably Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Financial Centre, are traversed by this six-lane roadway.

Highlights of the Route

  • Iconic skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
  • Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall.
  • Dubai Fountain is a mesmerizing water show.
  • Emirates Towers is a famous landmark in Dubai.

Best Time to Drive

The best time to drive on Sheikh Zayed Road is during off-peak hours, as the road can get busy during rush hour. The best time to enjoy the city skyline is early morning or late evening.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina


It is home to some of Dubai’s most luxurious residential buildings, restaurants, and hotels. Driving through Dubai, Marina offers breathtaking views of the water, yachts, and stunning architecture.

Highlights of the Route

  • A prominent place for entertainment and shopping is Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR).
  • The Walk is a bustling outdoor destination featuring boutiques, eateries, and street entertainers.
  • Dubai Marina Mall is a well-known place to shop.

Best Time to Drive

When the city lights up, and the skyscrapers are gorgeously lighted in the evening, it is the finest time to drive across Dubai Marina. However, it is advisable to plan your journey appropriately because traffic might be congested during peak hours.


Jumeirah Beach Road


The picturesque Jumeirah Beach Road borders the Persian Gulf. Some of Dubai’s most well-known hotels, restaurants, and beaches are located there. The route is well-liked for jogging and cycling and provides breathtaking lake views.

Highlights of the Route

  • Kite Beach is a popular beach for kite surfing and other water sports.
  • Burj Al Arab is the iconic sail-shaped hotel.
  • Mercato Shopping Mall is a Renaissance-style mall with various shops and restaurants.
  • The Dubai Canal is a manufactured waterway that connects Dubai Creek to the Persian Gulf.

Best Time to Drive

The best time to drive along Jumeirah Beach Road is early morning or late evening, as the road can get busy during the day. Moving during sunset can also offer breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab.

Description of Dubai-Al Ain Road

Dubai-Al Ain Road, also known as Emirates Road, is a long highway that connects the cities of Dubai and Al Ain.

Highlights of the Route

Beautiful desert scenery surrounds the Dubai-Al Ain Road, making for an interesting driving experience. Along the journey, you’ll pass famous sites like the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, the Dubai Outlet Mall, and the Dubai Safari Park.

The Ideal Time to Drive

Traveling the Dubai-Al Ain Road during the cooler months from October to April is ideal. This is because driving can be uncomfortable during the summer when the weather can grow very hot.

Al Khail Road

Al Khail Road, also known as Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, is a major highway through Dubai. It spans approximately 25 km and connects the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway with the Dubai-Hatta highway. The road is well-maintained and has multiple lanes, making it a comfortable drive.

Highlights of the Route

The Al Khail Road provides access to Dubai’s most iconic landmarks, including the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Fountain. It also offers stunning views of Dubai’s skyline, especially when driving towards Downtown Dubai.

Best Time to Drive

The best time to drive on Al Khail Road is during off-peak hours, typically between 10 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm. These hours are less congested, making for a smoother driving experience.

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