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Car Rental in Thailand for 2024 – Best Deals, Top Companies, and Essential Tips for Your Adventure

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Car Rental in Thailand for 2024 - Best Deals, Top Companies, and Essential Tips for Your Adventure

Car Rental in Thailand for 2024: Thailand has much to discover, from its natural beauty and bustling city life. Getting around Thailand will require a reliable set of wheels, so we’ve curated a list of Thailand’s best car rental companies for 2024.

With these top-notch companies, Thai adventure will be safe, convenient, and hassle-free. Discover the unrivalled car rental options to enhance your trip to the Land of Smiles.

Below, you will find the best deals on Car Rental in Thailand for 2024 – Hot Deals, Top Companies, and Essential Tips for Your Adventure.

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What’s the cheapest place for Car Rental in Thailand?

National is the cheapest rental car agency in Thailand. At some locations, travellers can get National rental cars for as low as $16/day, compared to the average national price of $33/day. Your rental car needs will determine the price.

Which is Thailand’s most popular rental car agency?

Hertz is Thailand’s most popular car rental company. There are 13 reviews for this rental agency, with an average customer satisfaction score of 9.0. Almost a third of momondo users picked Hertz to Car Rental in Thailand.

Which car rental company has the most locations in Thailand?

There are more car rental locations at THAIRENTACAR than anywhere else in Thailand. You’ll find one of their 33 rental car centres at your destination airport or in the middle of the city. If you want a car from THAIRENTACAR but are unsure what city you’d like to visit. With 6 THAIRENTACAR car rental locations in Bangkok, it’s the most popular city in Thailand.

What is the most popular type of Car Rental in Thailand?

Thai travellers prefer renting a Mini when they have a Car Rental in Thailand. In the past 30 days, 34% of momondo users rented this type of car and paid an average of $34 a day.

Understanding the Prices of Car Rental in Thailand


To make informed decisions about car rentals in Thailand, you must understand the pricing factors. Car rental prices are affected by several factors, including the location, the duration, and the type of car. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Demand and timing: Rental prices may increase during peak tourist seasons and public holidays.

  • Base price: The price at which a car starts, usually with a certain amount of mileage.

Don’t forget that the base price often doesn’t include additional services or protection, like comprehensive insurance or experienced drivers.

Thailand’s average small car rental price is $26. September is the cheapest month to rent a small car in Thailand. Just $22 a day is 19% cheaper than the rest of the year. It’s usually 49% cheaper to rent a small car in Thailand.

Renting a car in Thailand can vary based on supply, popularity, and when you book. Momondo has the best prices on Thailand’s small cars.

Which are the best car rental companies in Thailand for 2024?

In 2024, if you’re considering renting a car in Thailand, you’ll need to know your options for the best car rental providers. International and local agencies both have their features, benefits, and specifications.

Thailand’s local car rental agencies


1. Rent a car from Thai Rent-A-Car if you’re on a budget

Rent a car from Thai Rent A Car for competitive prices and a wide range of economical cars. It covers multiple cities in Thailand with comprehensive car rental coverage. You can also hire a professional chauffeur and pay with major cards.

2. Chic Car Rent: Great customer service

Providing superior customer service is Chic Car Rent’s top priority. With a strong presence in Ubon Ratchathani and Phuket City, they cater to all kinds of drivers. We ensure our customers have a hassle-free car rental experience with Chic Car Rent.

3. Rent a bizcar from Bizcar Rental: A reliable local choice

Another great local car rental company is Bizcar Rental. Bizcar Rental offers reliable and professional car rental services in Thailand.

4. Drive Car Rental: We rent all kinds of cars

We offer many vehicles, from economy cars to rugged pickups. They’re known for their flexible rental periods and commitment to customer service.

5. Yesaway: Convenience at its best

Yesaway is known for its convenient airport services. Straightforward rental procedures make their services easy to access.


Q.1 How much are car rentals in Thailand

A. Thailand’s average small car rental price is $26. During September, you can rent a small car for the cheapest price. At just $22 a day, it’s 19% cheaper than the rest of the year.

Q.2 Why Car Rental in Thailand?

A. There’s a reason Thailand is Southeast Asia’s most popular travel destination. There’s something for everyone here, from a long, gorgeous seacoast to tropical islands, ancient temples, and a multicultural history.

Q.3 How to get the best deal on car rental in Thailand

A. Here’s how to get a good Thailand car rental deal:

  1. Check out different rental car companies’ rates.

  2. Make sure you book your rental car in advance.

  3. Make a route plan before you go.

  4. Make sure you know your fuel and mileage requirements.

  5. Rent during the cheapest month.

Q.4 Is there a sixt car rental in Thailand

A. Sixt makes car rental in Thailand easy and convenient. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui and Phuket are just a few of the 14 Sixt locations in Thailand. There are a lot of branches at airport terminals, so you can grab your car rental as soon as you land.

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