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Creating High-Quality Backlinks Through Guest Posting



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Guest Posting for backlinks can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to increase your site visibility among audiences. This off-page SEO strategy has been very successful in the job of bringing more audiences to the sites of many businesses.

Google discovers your web page through backlinks from an existing web page that has a good reputation. As a result, search engines like Google hold high authority for your web page in its index. Only having keywords in the contents of the website is not enough for the site to be visible on the Google search’s first page, subsidiary strategies like guest posting can help massively in this cause too.

The Definition Of Backlinks: How It Works In Guest Posting?

Guest posting (AKA guest blogging) Is the activity of making content to post on other people’s websites. Here, the content or article that you make for another website will contain some links to your own website. Upon reading that content on the website, the audiences will click on the link in that content and enter your own website through it. This activity is called backlinking with guest posting.

The links of your own website can be anchored in many places in an article/content. Links are added in the article in such a way that it is placed in the most appropriate and relevant portion of the article. This is done so the audience finds the link helpful.

Generally, links are added in the articles in two ways:

  • Do-follow link: All the links that are mentioned in the article are generally do-follow links. When people enter a web page through the link, Google discovers that web page.
  • No-follow link: This is a type of link that is inactive or not possible to follow. Upon entering this type of link, a web page will appear giving a message to the audience that this link is malicious or suspicious to enter. This is why most SEO optimizers don’t use these kinds of links. Since most followers ignore this kind of link, having these bring no benefit to your site.

As you’ll see in most cases, a link is attached under a certain phrase. That phrase is called anchor text. This is a key phrase by clicking which, the audience can find out more info. Anchor texts tend to be very relevant to the topic in discussion.

You may recognize anchor text by seeing a blue colour text with an underline.

What Aspects Determine The Quality Of High-Quality Backlinks?

Backlinks can help the audience acquire new knowledge about a certain topic that is relevant to what the audience is looking for. As the audience enters into a backlink, Google discovers the page underneath that backlink.

Google evaluates the following expects to recognize if that backlink is a high-quality backlink or not:

  • The pattern of link: The linking pattern of the backlink must be natural to read. If the anchor text is a phrase that naturally comes up in a discussion, the link underneath the anchor text will be counted as a high-quality backlink.

On top of that, the link attached has to be relevant to the discussion on the topic too. This is one aspect that Google gives most importance to.

  • Authority of the linked page: The web page linked to an anchor text has to have relevant content. If the content is indeed relevant and educative to that reader, Google will rank the backlink web page in the first page of Google search. This way, whenever someone searches on the internet with the same search phrase as the anchor text, the backlinked web page will appear in the top search results.
  • Domain age: If the backlinked site is under an old domain that has previous records of holding relative and informative content for the audience, Google counts that backlink as a high-quality backlink. If more web pages from a certain domain are visited by audiences many times, the Google algorithm thinks that the domain has high authority.

Finishing Words

Now that you are aware of all the necessary info on high-quality backlinks, we hope you’ll be able to take full advantage of guest posting or guest blogging.

Best of luck on the journey of making your website known to others!

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