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TikTok’s New Feature Helps Parents Curate Their Child’s Account

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TikTok's New Feature Helps Parents Curate Their Child's Account

(CTN News) – TikTok has emerged as one of the most well-liked video-making platforms in the quickly expanding social media space, particularly among teens who use the app to showcase their talents and pick up the newest fashions, cutting-edge technologies, and important skills.

However, parents are worried about their children’s internet safety and want to monitor their online behaviour.

TikTok just launched a crucial feature called Family Pairing, which allows parents to watch their children’s behaviour on the app and assures their online safety. This tool was created with the actual safety concerns of parents in mind.

The tech business said in a news statement on Wednesday that the tool also helps build a relationship of trust and close connection between parents and children.

With the help of the function, parents will learn to trust their kids, and teens will gain responsibility via the creation of material, it was stated.

What the feature offers

The function allows parents to monitor activity and content on their kids’ phone accounts without having access to their kids’ phones.

How to use

To quickly connect their account to their child’s account utilizing the functionality, parents need to establish their own TikTok account.

Safety settings:

According to the claim, the Family Pairing function provides a variety of personalized safety settings.

Daily screen time: Parents’ primary worry is time management. They urge teenagers to use the software responsibly. Parents may restrict how long their kids can use an app by using Daily Screen Time. The option will automatically apply to any device the youngster owns, regardless of how many there may be.

Restrict Mode: TikTok maintains stringent guidelines about material quality, and only acceptable content is permitted on the site. However, parents sometimes believe certain information may not be appropriate for their teenagers.

To protect their children, parents may limit material using the Restrict Mode.

Search: A parent may choose which user, piece of material, and hashtag their kid is allowed to investigate by utilizing the Search option. Additionally, they can select a certain sound to have the search bar muted.

Discoverability: The teen’s account may be adjusted to one of two settings using the Discoverability option. The “private mode” is the first feature that allows teenagers to choose who may access their profile. The second option is “public mode,” which enables account browsing by anybody.

Accounts to recommend: TikTok, like other social media networks, provides a list of recommended accounts. Using this option gives the parent the choice of including or excluding the teen’s account from the suggested list.

Going the extra mile: TikTok’s Family Pairing offers control over several significant variables in addition to the previously listed ones. This also applies to DirectMessages, where a parent may either disable the messaging feature or limit who can send messages on a teen’s account.

It is important to note that teens between the ages of 13 and 15 cannot use direct messaging at this time.

Additionally, parents have the power to limit who may see the videos their teenagers are interested in and who is allowed to leave comments.

According to TikTok, only mobile apps presently have access to parental control. Google’s family centre or Apple’s parental control (for iOS) may be used to restrict access to TikTok on mobile web and desktop browsers.

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