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Metaverse Only has 3 Years to Live Despite Being Worth $13 Billion, Says Experts

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Metaverse Only has 3 Years to Live Despite Being Worth $13 Billion, Says Experts

(CTN News) – It would seem that the Metaverse concept would not fare well with people, and its lifespan would not be very long.

This is because after it was reported that the platform for Meta and Horizon Worlds has almost no visits, the example of a Metaverse with a value of $1.2 billion dollars that has only 38 active users, some experts assure that these kinds of experiences will cease to be used between now and 2025.

This is because it was reported that Meta and Horizon Worlds platform has almost no visits.

During a Meta conference in Barcelona, the chief analyst of Canalys, Matthew Bal, brought up the question of whether or not the Metaverse is indeed the future in this era of digital technology or whether or not it is nothing more than an overpriced money pit.

The reason is that analysts predict that by the year 2030, the value of the Metaverse will have increased to approximately $5 billion.

This is because, in addition to Meta, several other companies, including Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, and Apple, are investing in developing similar tools. Some enthusiasts, like myself, believe these valuations might reach anywhere between 8 and 13 billion dollars.

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On the other hand, there is a group of specialists who are more gloomy (or realistic, depending on the point of view), and they guarantee that these billions of dollars could not be utilized for anything since the lifespan of this platform is only approximately three years longer.

Something that will be verified in the future when Mark Zuckerberg’s long-awaited and hyped Metaverse is eventually released to the public. At that time, we will finally find out whether it becomes a success or failure, also indicating the pace of this sort of virtual tool.

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