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4 Tips to Manage the Upkeep of Your Commercial Property’s Backflow Prevention System

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4 Tips to Manage the Upkeep of Your Commercial Property’s Backflow Prevention System

Backflow Prevention System: The upkeep of your commercial property involves regular maintenance of building infrastructure, plumbing, electrical systems and landscaping. This is vitally important for several reasons such as the health and safety of occupants and maintaining the resale value of your property.

One area that can’t be ignored is the upkeep of your backflow prevention systems. These systems ensure your water supply is safe for human consumption and other uses such as cleaning.

But how do you manage the upkeep of your backflow prevention system? Keep reading for useful tips as we talk about backflow testing Melbourne plumbers offer as part of their commercial plumbing services.

What is a Backflow Prevention System?

Backflow prevention systems keep clean water coming through your taps. Installing a backflow device onto a pipe ensures water flows in one direction from the city’s supply station. It prevents water from flowing back into the main supply system which could cause contamination from other sources.

If there’s a burst pipe in the vicinity, the water pressure changes which affects the forward flow. Backward flow causes contaminants such as insecticides, human waste and chemicals to end up in the potable water supply making it unsafe for drinking.

Backflow in drinking water can result in conditions such as:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramps

Installing backflow prevention systems prevents water pollution and saves your business from potentially expensive medical or legal bills.

A quick tip! Remember that water filters don’t prevent contamination and only act as a barrier against certain impurities. Backflow devices are necessary to avoid the serious side effects of water contamination.

Is it Mandatory to Install and Maintain Backflow Prevention Systems in Australia?

By law, Australian commercial property owners are required to install and maintain backflow prevention systems. You need to use the services of a registered professional to install backflow devices and perform testing of the system every 12 months.

Your responsibility as a commercial building owner is to ensure that the following happens:

  • Installation of backflow prevention valves on your pipes
  • Annual backflow testing takes place
  • Backflow devices are regularly checked for damages
  • The backflow prevention system is regularly maintained

If the water supply becomes contaminated due to poor maintenance or damaged backflow prevention systems, you’ll be required to shut doors until the problem is rectified. However, with proper installation, inspections, maintenance and testing this can be prevented.

4 Tips to Manage the Upkeep of Your Commercial Property’s Backflow Prevention System

1. Work With Professional Plumbers

Backflow prevention systems need to be installed, maintained and tested by licensed commercial plumbers. When looking for a plumbing company to handle your backflow upkeep, make sure they are certified to do the work.

Qualified technicians must be extensively trained to manage all commercial plumbing needs including backflow prevention. Registered commercial plumbers are approved by the relevant water board authorities to handle the installation, maintenance, testing and inspection of these systems.

When hiring plumbing services, ask the company if their technicians are accredited through Master Plumbers and governing Water Authorities in Australia.

2. Ask for a Risk Analysis

Professional commercial plumbers should be able to perform a risk analysis of your building’s backflow. Skilled plumbers can assess the sensitivity of your backflow situation and determine the type of work required to ensure your property’s water supply is safe, clean and fresh.

These plumbers will inspect and test your backflow situation to ascertain the risk rating and advise you on the way forward to solve the problem. With a proper risk analysis, you can rest assured that the best backflow prevention system will be installed.

3. Look for Experienced Commercial Plumbers

Experienced commercial plumbers have knowledge and years of experience behind them and they keep up with the latest advancements in the plumbing industry. They fully understand the regulatory requirements and attend training workshops to stay informed.

Commercial plumbers who have been in the industry for many years have the skills and the right tools to carry out backflow prevention work in alignment with your property’s needs. They’re also equipped to perform annual testing following the latest industry standards so you know you stay compliant.

4. Partner With One Plumbing Company That Offer Maintenance and Testing Services

While proper installation of backflow prevention systems is mandatory, it’s equally important to keep them in good working order. It helps to work with one plumbing company that can assist you beyond the installation of the backflow devices. Since they know your system, maintenance can be done more efficiently.

When searching for commercial plumbers accredited to install backflow prevention systems, find out if they can do inspections, maintenance and testing as well. With regular maintenance plans in place, you can have peace of mind that your building’s drinking water is safe. Backflow testing must be done annually, and services include sending results to the local water authority board.

Final Thoughts

Using a reputable commercial plumbing company means you don’t have to stress about the upkeep of your backflow prevention systems. With the right installation, maintenance and testing procedures, you can rest assured your drinking water is safe for human consumption. And that’s one less thing to worry about in the complicated world of property owners.

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