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US Accuses China of Arming Russia as Beijing Proposes Peace for Ukraine



US Accuses China of Arming Russia as Beijing Proposes Peace for Ukraine

China’s President Xi Jinping will offer a “peace address” on the anniversary of Ukraine’s invasion, advocating peace while avoiding censure of its partner Russia. The EU has urged Beijing to use all of its ability to encourage Moscow to cease the war while maintaining Ukraine’s independence.

Chinese foreign affairs Minister Wang Yi said that Xi will give a peace address on the anniversary of Ukraine’s invasion. Last February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. The war has killed hundreds of thousands on both sides, displaced millions in Ukraine, wreaked havoc on the global economy, and reignited Cold War-era hostility.

Minister Wang Yi, stated that China’s position on the Ukraine situation has been constant and clear. He said China has maintained an objective and unbiased stance on the Ukraine crisis and is dedicated to encouraging peace talks.

President Xi Jinping of China has advocated for a diplomatic solution to Russia’s war in Ukraine, stating that “resolving the Ukrainian problem through political means is in the best interests of Europe and the common interest of all nations in Eurasia.”

“Given the current circumstances, we must fight for peace rather than aggravation and growth of the problem.” As a permanent member of the Security Council, China’s influence can assist “stop Russia’s horrific destruction and occupation” of Ukraine.

US Accuses China or Arming Russia

US President Biden stated that “there is only one way for this war to stop,” which is for Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw his forces “from Ukraine.” He also stated that he is “willing to speak with Mr. Putin,” but the Kremlin has yet to express an interest in dialogue.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has accused China of giving “non-lethal help” to Russia – and new intelligence revealed Beijing could supply “lethal support”.

He cautioned that escalation would have “severe ramifications” for China. China has dismissed allegations that it has requested military supplies from Moscow.

He stated that while President Xi Jinping is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has failed to denounce Russia’s invasion, he has endeavored to remain impartial in the crisis and has advocated for peace.

China’s foreign ministry stated that it will not accept “finger pointing” and “coercion” from the United States over its relations with Russia.

Mr. Blinken met China’s senior diplomat, Wang Yi, at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. During the discussion, he conveyed “grave concerns” about the “possibility of China providing lethal material support to Russia,” he said.

“To date, Chinese enterprises have provided non-lethal assistance to Russia for use in Ukraine. Our current fear stems from reports that they are considering offering lethal support “He stated.

Washington-Beijing relations sour

He did not go into detail regarding the intelligence the US had received concerning China’s possible plans. When asked what the US expected China to offer Russia, he responded it would be mostly weapons and ammunition.

According to Mr. Blinken, supplying Russia with weapons would be a “major problem for us and in our relationship.” Washington-Beijing relations were already strained after the US shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon in early February.

Both parties exchanged harsh words, but both appeared ashamed by the encounter and eager to move on. Yet, if China delivers weaponry to Russian soldiers in Ukraine, US-Chinese ties would deteriorate even further.

Mr. Blinken’s admonition appears to be aimed squarely at discouraging China from doing so. indicating that the US was concerned about China assisting Russia in evading Western sanctions aimed at crippling Moscow’s economy.

China’s commerce with Russia is expanding, and it is one of Russia’s largest markets for oil, gas, and coal.

NATO allies, including the United States, are supplying tanks and other weaponry, ammunition, and equipment to Ukraine. They have refrained from providing fighter jets, and Mr. Blinken would not comment on whether the US might assist other countries in supplying jets.

“We’ve been quite clear that we should not fixate or focus on any certain weapons system,” he stated.

He did, however, suggest that the West must ensure Ukraine had everything it needed for a future counter assault against Russia “in the months ahead”. Russia is currently attempting to expand in eastern Ukraine, where some of the war’s toughest combat has occurred.

The remarks by the senior US diplomat come before of Mr. Wang’s scheduled travel to Moscow as part of the Chinese foreign policy chief’s trip of Europe.

According to the BBC, Mr. Wang said in Munich on Saturday that China has “neither stood by silently nor thrown fuel on the fire” for the Ukraine war. Presidents Xi’s speech will appeal for peace without blaming Russia.

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