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Why is it Better to Use the iMind Platform For Collaborations

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Why is it Better to Use the iMind Platform For Collaborations

iMind – The more people are interested in working together, the more common points they aim to find.

Business requires considering the deal profits of each party, but the comfort of how affairs are held also plays a significant role.

The iMind platform provides the best set of features for comfortable communication in business at a distance.

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Core advantages of video conferencing technology

Video conferencing is a great way to avoid many inconveniences related to collaboration issues:

  • traveling for multiple appointments that take place before the deal is agreed upon;
  • expenses related to traveling and conference organizations;
  • use of many pounds of paper for variations of business plans, contracts to sign, thesis to discuss, etc.;
  • delaying the meetings because of force majeure or someone’s obstacles.

Using video meetings, people can care much less about it and continue working even in the most unfavorable circumstances.

Using iMind for cooperation: the best features to use

The iMind tool is a solution for video conferencing in business. There are many advantages to pay attention to, and many touch on the enhancement of cooperation capacity:

  • Ease of use. If the teams are numerous, this feature helps avoid spending precious time on tutorials and learning.
  • High-quality connection, video, and sound. It provides robust communication channels and saves time on asking and explaining.
  • Functions for info exchange. The best of them are concurrent screen displays and conference recordings with no limits in duration. The maximum for one conference is 24 hours so you will discuss all the points on the agenda.
  • The versatility of use through various systems. The iMind solution is available to use in-app or through the browser. There exist desktop and mobile applications to install.

Thus, you can see that the iMind platform meets best the requirements for collaboration meetings even with its features available by default. But there is also changeable functionality that depends on the plan.

Plans to enhance the capacities of the platform for business

iMind offers four plans to choose from:

  • Free – the one perfect for individuals or one-time use. It allows for limited room creation, inviting up to a hundred people and recording one conference at a time.
  • Pro – extends the platform’s capacities and is perfect for small teams. Here users can invite other people to create group rooms, set up custom branding, use online chat, and benefit from unlimited URL creation.
  • Business – is more convenient for small companies. There are more opportunities to integrate the whole company’s work (and its partners consequently) into the work through the iMins platform.
  • Enterprise – is considered for large businesses. This plan is like a VIP option offering the widest possibilities possible.

More details are on

The most significant thing in your cooperation with partners is how your work is organized. The question of video conferencing tool choice refers to the organizing issues and can affect considerably the whole direction of the partnership.

Use iMind to keep your relations strong and use all the chances you see!

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