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WhatsApp Introduces a Feature That Lets Users Turn Off Third-Party Chats

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WhatsApp Introduces a Feature That Lets Users Turn Off Third-Party Chats

(CTN News) – As well known, WhatsApp has recently developed new third-party chat capability that will allow users to send and receive messages from a wide range of messaging services through WhatsApp.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is also in the process of developing a brand-new feature that will enable customers to disable third-party chat services on their Android smartphones in order to protect their privacy.

It is understood that WhatsApp is developing a feature in order to disable the chat interoperability service, in accordance with the provisions of EU regulations Article 7 as stated in the available information.

It will be important for users to retain control over their communication options and sharing of personal data in the future, especially with this new feature of third-party chat.

The possibility of disabling the chat interoperability service will be a great benefit to users who decide that they no longer wish to use this service.

By blocking the WhatsApp chat interoperability service,

Users will no longer be able to participate in third-party chats, nor will they be able to send or receive messages to/from third parties. During the same timeframe, they will be able to read-only their third-party chats that they currently have.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is now working on a feature that will allow users to choose whether to allow other apps to be able to communicate with the app via WhatsApp.

As an alternative, users will be able to adapt their experience by integrating it with only trusted third-party apps, giving them the option to be choosy about which apps can communicate, giving them a more controlled experience.

However, WhatsApp is currently working on both of these features – the ability to disable third-party chat and the ability to select trustworthy chat partners – and will hopefully integrate them into the interoperability service within a few weeks.


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