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What Is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?



What Is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?

Digital marketing agencies use search engine optimization (SEO) to bring traffic to their client’s websites and improve their online visibility.

Some companies offer white label SEO services for agencies that get overwhelmed or do not have the time, resources, or expertise to handle all of their client’s SEO needs.

You can outsource work to white label providers but include their work under your agency’s branding to lighten your workload and save money.

What Is White Label SEO?

White label SEO refers to the practice of outsourcing SEO services to a white label provider and then selling them under your brand. This allows you to offer comprehensive SEO services to your clients without having to build an in-house SEO team.

The white label provider remains anonymous so that your agency can take credit for its work. This can help you maintain client relationships and offer high-quality SEO solutions.

How Does White Label SEO Work?

If you are interested in white label services, you can expect something similar to this process:

Choose a White Label Provider

The first step in getting white label services is to find a white label provider. Choose a provider that has a proven track record, offers SEO services you are interested in, and delivers high-quality results.

Customization and Branding

One of the biggest benefits of white label SEO is that you can customize the services to align with your brand identity. You can brand the reports with your business’s logo, contact information, and colors. Customizing services with your agency’s branding can help create a seamless experience for clients by offering them comprehensive SEO solutions underneath one brand.

Client Communication

Your agency will still be the main point of contact for clients. You will provide updates on the progress of SEO campaigns and manage all other communication with them. The point of white label services is that your agency appears to be accomplishing all of the tasks in-house.

Execution and Reporting

The white label provider completes the SEO services. Depending on the provider, they can provide services like conducting keyword research, optimizing websites, building backlinks, and creating content.

They also monitor the performance of any campaigns they are running. During or after completing a campaign, the white label provider can generate reports that are customized with your agency’s branding.

You can then share these reports with your clients to show them the results and progress of their SEO campaigns. With the white label provider doing the work, you have time to communicate with your clients about their results and what they mean.

What Are the Benefits of White Label SEO?

There are multiple benefits to using a white label provider, including:

Save Money

When you utilize white label solutions, you avoid the need for an in-house SEO team. In-house teams are expensive because you need to invest in hiring and training them, which includes salaries, benefits, and other overhead costs. Avoiding these costs saves money and also helps you remain scalable because your business can work with more clients without needing to take on the burden of additional resources.

Benefit From Expertise

When you partner with a specialized white label provider, you gain access to their team of SEO experts. These experts can have a lot of knowledge and experience with SEO. By partnering with them, you get to provide your clients with high-quality and up-to-date SEO strategies that can yield the best results.

Save Time

By outsourcing SEO work to a white label provider, you can save yourself the time of looking for SEO experts every time you need a specific job done. You also do not have to do all of the work yourself.

Retain Clients

Offering SEO services under your brand may help strengthen your brand identity and position your agency as a comprehensive solution provider. This can increase client retention because they know they can come to your agency with any of their digital marketing needs. Outsourcing also allows you to focus on your core competencies, which may improve your turnaround time.

Find Reputable White Label Providers

Outsourcing SEO services to a white label provider can bring your agency more opportunities. They may allow you to work with more clients while saving your agency money. You also get to brand their professional work and services as your own, which can enhance your branding and improve client retention. If you want to see what white label SEO can do for your agency, contact a white label provider today.

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