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Track Someone’s Location with Just a Phone Number

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Track Someone's Location

Can you track someone’s phone number without them knowing? Can you trace and pinpoint the exact location of a person using just a phone number? The answer is ‘Yes!’. If you’re aiming to catch a cheater or locate an individual swiftly, our review on how to track someone’s location with phone number is your answer.

How to Locate Someone by Their Phone Number with 5 Apps

Many phone tracker apps offer customers a GPS service to find the whereabouts of loved ones, but each comes with different features. For effortless and accurate location tracking, we listed down the 5 top-rated apps that will help you seamlessly find a person’s location by phone number.

 Track Someone's Location with Just a Phone Number

Comparison Table of 5 Apps That Can Track Location by Phone Number:

Whether you need free or paid options for mobile GPS tracking, we’ve got you covered. Have a glance at the compared features of the 5 phone number tracker apps below and simplify your search for the perfect location tracker.

App Name Ease of Use Compatibility Cost Location Accuracy
LocationTracker No installation

No rooting/jailbreaking

Message link can be sent via SMS, instant messaging apps, and social media apps

any OS $39.99/month

$139.99 for annual pack

Global geolocation service with a high-quality map view
GEOfinder No installation

No rooting/jailbreaking

Fast-tracking via SMS link

any OS $39.99/month Accurate location services with a single phone number
Find My App Easy-to-use app

iCloud credentials or a sharing group is enough

Apple devices 14.0 or later Free Precise and updated location, distance, and direction tracking
Grabify No installation

No rooting/jailbreaking

Fast and valid web-based IP logger

Android & iPhone Free Locates country, city, time zone, etc. with a never-expiring URL link
uMobix No rooting/jailbreaking

Compact dashboard

Android, iOS $49.99 for 1-month plan

$89.97 for 3-month plan

$149.88 for 12-month plan

GPS coordinates updated every 5 minutes

Detailed Review of Each App:

Check out the comprehensive evaluation of the 5 top-notch tracker apps and easily find someone’s location by phone number. Uncover the best features, usability, compatibility, and more to make informed decisions.

#1) LocationTracker


Trial period: $1 trial for 2 days

Can you check phone number location with a WhatsApp message? With Location Tracker, yes! The tool asks you to insert an interesting photo into a message and increase the possibility of a click. Once the photo link is clicked, you can find someone from their phone number without physical access to the phone.

In addition to the location sharing feature, the spying app informs you about the phone number’s current internet connections, IP, and device info. The modern interface and high-quality map view enhance the user’s comfort, and your anonymity is protected with untraceable tracking systems.

Pros Cons
  • No installation
  • Customizable messages for SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Global location tracking
  • Remote access to GPS, IP, Wi-Fi network, and device data
  • No customer support

#2) GEOfinder

 Track Someone's Location with Just a Phone Number


Trial period: $1 trial for 2 days

GEOfinder is a scam-free software enabling users to track a person by phone number. The tracker sends a URL-embedded message to the phone number you enter and locates the mobile device on the map remotely once the link is clicked. It is 100% discreet and has a hassle-free setup, promoting the user experience with easy manuals. GEOfinder can be run on any device and has a mobile app in Google Play Market and App Store.

Pros Cons
  • Easy set-up and control panel
  • Allows to check location of phone number across the globe
  • Limitless device tracking
  • Anonymous and remote tracker
  • 24/7 live chat upon the purchase
  • Cannot track GPS coordinates if the phone user does not click on the link

#3) Find My App


Trial period: free app

Find My App is a free service that tracks the location, direction, and distance of iOS devices through iCloud credentials. It employs a very simple user interface with clear-cut tracking solutions and gives users an idea about the possible connections of the phone user.

The monitoring tool tracks the location of the device once you access the phone and add your name to the shared group. Or you can use their cell phone to enter your iCloud username and password and turn on location sharing.

Pros Cons
  • Free iOS service
  • Precise and remote GPS tracking with iCloud credentials
  • Quick set-up
  • Shows the location, direction, and distance of the iOS gadget
  • One-time physical access is required to start GPS tracking
  • Constant location sharing drains battery

#4) Grabify


Trial period: free app

Most of the advanced monitoring tools track mobile devices through hidden spyware technology disguised in OS while others track people by phone number. Grabify, on the other hand, tracks the IP of the user to pin down their location on the map secretly.

Grabify is a free online URL tool designed to shorten and use links to locate the coordinates of an Android or iPhone. Once the phone owner clicks on the link, Grabify imports IP, country, city, time zone info and tracks battery, internet service provider, and device data.

Pros Cons
  • Free web-based location tracker
  • Compatible with all mobile brands
  • The link shared never expires
  • Tracks IP, OS, device info, VPN, and browser activities
  • Clicking on the URL link is necessary to start location sharing

#5) uMobix


Trial period: $1 trial for 2 days/limited $1 trial for Android for 7 days

uMobix is an all-in-all phone monitoring app that can track a person’s location on Google Maps and view the frequently visited places and routes. It also monitors social media interactions, Wi-Fi connections, and SIM card movements.

The spying tool updates the coordinates of the Android or iPhone in short intervals and provides a clear picture of your spouse or child’s whereabouts. The trouble-free installation and expert live support contribute to the overall service quality.

Pros Cons
  • No rooting/jailbreaking
  • Anonymous and remote GPS tracking
  • Live demo available
  • Location tracking by phone number
  • Customer support round the clock via live chat
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Some features are limited to Android devices
  • Multiple device tracking not available

Can I Use Google Maps, IMEI, or E-Sim to Find a Person’s Location?

The spyware industry offers users different ways to track a cell phone. Google Maps enables location sharing, while IMEI tracking locates devices through unique codes. The latter requires either pre installing an IMEI tracker or turning to the police. E-Sim tracker apps are also commonly used to catch a cheater or find the whereabouts of your loved ones.

While Google Maps and basic methods might be limited, all-inclusive tracking apps provide extensive features, real-time updates, and detailed insights. Determining your monitoring needs and utilizing these tools accordingly is the best route to effective phone tracking.

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