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TikTok Is Gaining Popularity As a News Source For More American Adults.



TikTok Is Gaining Popularity As a News Source For More American Adults.

(CTN News) – According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of US adults who regularly obtain news from TikTok has increased by more than four times in the past three years, reaching 14 percent.

Interestingly, while many other social media platforms experienced a decrease in the number of users consuming news on their platforms this year, TikTok saw a rise in this trend.

The survey, conducted from September 25 to October 1, revealed that 43 percent of TikTok users, across all age groups, reported regularly accessing news on the app, compared to 22 percent in 2020.

Additionally, a recent poll conducted by Axios indicated that approximately 32 percent of adults under the age of 30 are obtaining political news from TikTok. This statistic may have influenced the Biden campaign’s consideration of joining the app as a means to enhance re-election efforts among young voters.

In March, TikTok had 150 million American users, almost half the country’s population.

X, formerly known as Twitter, has the highest percentage of users who use it for news consumption, with 53% regularly obtaining news from the platform.

This is a 6 percentage point decrease from three years ago. Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter for $44 billion, stated that the platform has over 540 million monthly users.

Facebook saw the biggest decline in news consumption, with only 43% of users obtaining news from the platform this year, down from 54% in 2020.

Overall, Facebook continues to hold the top spot as the favored platform for news among Americans. According to Pew, approximately 30% of U.S. adults report regularly accessing news on Facebook, with YouTube coming in second at 26%.

However, when it comes to gender preferences for social media news hubs, there is a divide. Pew’s research shows that women tend to make up a larger portion of regular news consumers on Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, while men lean towards Reddit, X, and YouTube.


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