Top 12 Design Rules To Follow When It Comes To Your Pitch Deck
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Top 12 Design Rules to Follow When It Comes to Your Pitch Deck



Top 12 Design Rules to Follow When It Comes to Your Pitch Deck

In a world where we have more information than ever before, it’s still difficult to get noticed. That’s why the modern entrepreneur needs a strong pitch deck. A well-designed presentation that clearly spells out the benefits of your product or service and how it will change lives for the better is an essential tool in any businessperson’s arsenal.

Here are 12 key rules you must follow when designing your very own pitch deck:

1) Keep your slide deck simple and straightforward

The most successful decks are usually those with clear objectives and concise explanations of what they offer and how they work.

The average viewer should be able to glance through your slides and understand the key points without too much effort. Luckily with the newer professional pitch deck creators it’s much easier to create an engaging slide deck.

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2) Use a professional template or design software.

Using an amateurish or unprofessional design can doom your presentation before it even starts.

Make sure you use a quality template or design software to create polished, eye-catching slides.

If you need help from the best, then click on Venngage, the top business proposal maker on earth!

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3) Stick to a consistent layout

One of the best ways to make your pitch deck look clean and organized is by using a consistent layout throughout. This will help the viewer quickly and easily navigate through your slides.

4) Use high-quality images and graphics in your pitch deck

Poor-quality visuals will only distract from your content and make your pitch deck look unprofessional.

So make sure you use high-quality images and graphics to help your presentation stand out.

Make sure you also use high-quality fonts to create an overall polished look. That brings us to our next big tip…

5) Use typography to enhance your message

Typography can be a powerful tool for improving your message and making it more visually appealing. Choose fonts that are easy to read and reflect the tone of your presentation.

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6) Keep text to a minimum in your pitch presentation;

Too much text on your slides will only make them cluttered and difficult to read. Try to use as little text as possible and focus on visuals instead.

Making sure that your text is easy to read is important if you want to make a good impression on your viewers.

You don’t want them to have to struggle to understand what you’re saying. Use a simple, legible font and keep the amount of text on each slide to a minimum.

7) Use colors and contrast to draw attention

Colors and contrast are great ways to draw attention to certain elements of your slides. Use them wisely to highlight the most important points.

Making sure that your pitch deck is visually appealing is just as important as making sure that the content is well-written.

Use colors and graphics to add visual interest to your slides and make them stand out.

You want your presentation to look polished and professional, so take the time to make sure that all the elements are in harmony.

8) Make sure all text is legible

It’s important that all the text on your slides is easy to read. You don’t want viewers to have to squint or strain their eyes in order to understand what you’re saying.

9) Use animation sparingly in your pitch slides

Animation can be a great way to add visual interest to your slides; but use it sparingly.

Overusing animation can actually be distracting and make your presentation look unprofessional.

10) Practice, practice, practice!

Nothing beats practicing your pitch deck until you have it down pat. The more comfortable you are with your presentation, the more confident you will appear when giving your pitch.

Practicing your pitch deck is essential to making a good impression on your viewers.

Make sure you practice until you have it down pat and are confident with the content.

Pay attention to all the details, from the layout of your slides to the font you choose. And most importantly, make sure your visuals are high quality and reflect the tone of your presentation.

11) Pay attention to the details

The little details matter and can make or break your presentation. Make sure all the elements of your deck are polished and in accordance with your brand.

12) Get feedback from others

It’s always a good idea to get feedback from others before finalizing your pitch deck.

Ask friends, family members, or colleagues for their honest opinion and make any necessary changes based on their feedback.

In conclusion

Creating a well-designed and visually appealing pitch deck is essential if you want to make a good impression on potential investors.

In order to create an effective pitch deck, you need to follow some basic design rules and pay attention to the details.

So make sure you use high-quality images and graphics, keep text to a minimum, and use typography to enhance your message.

And most importantly, practice until you have it down pat! Getting feedback from others before finalizing your pitch deck is always a good idea.

Pitching your business idea to potential investors can be a daunting task. But if you follow these 12 simple design rules, you’ll increase your chances of impressing them and securing the funding you need.

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