The Definitive Handbook For Integrating Odoo With A CRM
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The Definitive Handbook for Integrating Odoo with a CRM



The Definitive Handbook for Integrating Odoo with a CRM

Automation tackles a headache for sales and accounting teams. Without a data connector, transferring sales data from a CRM to Odoo turns into a time-sucking nightmare. Instead of scoring more deals, the sales team gets stuck in a loop of explaining contracts and fixing accounting records.

At the same time, the accounting department struggles to find accurate numbers for invoices and cash flow predictions. And, commissions cannot be dispersed until all the sales information finally loads into the ERP system. Manual processes are an inefficient mess.

Finalizing deals within your sales team through streamlined automation is a crucial factor in fostering business development. Integrated systems remove the need for endlessly punching in data by hand. Integration is like giving your company a rocket boost toward expansion.

Without integration between Odoo and the CRM, accounting professionals end up with the chore of typing data into Odoo manually. It’s like they’re stuck in a loop of typing in every single piece of info about a client’s account, contact details, and sales quotes every time a new deal comes in.

Odoo with a CRM

The process is a recipe for mistakes, and it means a ton of emails going back and forth between the sales and accounting teams just to get things straightened out.

To drive business growth, sales teams need to focus on closing deals, and accounting teams should embrace automation to eliminate manual data entry tasks, saving both time and money.

This smart move not only saves time but also keeps finances in check. Skilled data integration experts at Flexspring have come up with a brilliant solution: an Odoo integration with a CRM.

This cool integration makes sure that data flows smoothly between these two applications, creating a flow of information between your sales and accounting departments.

Think of it as a magical bridge that brings everything together. Integration works its magic by syncing data automatically, so no more back-and-forth emails to clear up the confusion between teams. Your sales data dances harmoniously with the accounting records, waving goodbye to manual data entry and dramatically reducing the chance of any pesky errors.

Top 3 Common Scenarios for Integrating Odoo with a CRM

1. New Accounts from CRM to Odoo

2. New Quotes from CRM to Odoo

3. Subscription and Product Updates from CRM to Odoo

Integration of new accounts between a CRM and Odoo facilitates the automatic transfer of new account data. When a new account enters a CRM, this integration effortlessly brings all essential corporate information and contact details into Odoo. This spares the accounting team the need to duplicate the efforts already undertaken by the sales team.

Once a sales opportunity enters your CRM, Integrating new quotes from a CRM with Odoo harmonizes the corresponding quote within Odoo, enabling the accounting team to review and validate it.

Subsequently, upon contract finalization, any supplementary quotes from your CRM automatically synchronize with Odoo. This integration guarantees data uniformity throughout the sales journey, facilitating swift and precise calculations for sales commissions.

Facilitating a smooth exchange of subscription and product updates between a CRM and Odoo guarantees the accurate and current transfer of information.

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Any changes or improvements applied to a client’s subscriptions or products within a CRM automatically harmonize with Odoo, ensuring accuracy in invoicing. This integration provides a consistent flow of data across the entirety of the sales process, thereby expediting and ensuring precise calculations for sales commissions.

Benefits of Seamlessly Integrating Odoo with a CRM

Time Gains

Opting for manual data entry preserves valuable hours for both the sales and accounting teams. These reclaimed hours present teams with the chance to reallocate their skills and knowledge toward strategic endeavors that contribute to the company’s expansion.

As the weight of repetitive data entry tasks diminishes, teams can engage in pursuits that can propel growth, enrich customer connections, and nurture inventive resolutions.

“Data integration makes both our sales and accounting staff happy,” said the VP of Sales for a tech company with a global workforce. “CRM with Odoo integration allows accounting to get the answers they need automatically so they don’t have to spend time tracking down details from our sales team.

Automation eliminates the administrative burden on the sales team so they can concentrate on selling more! Automation also calculates commissions faster and more accurately—which our sales team loves.”

Uniform Information

Effortlessly moving data between systems eliminates errors associated with manual duplicate data entry. Automation further results in a significantly streamlined sales commission process, as data consistency remains intact throughout the entire journey from generating quotes to completing cash transactions.

Harmonized Operations

Immediate access to shared data throughout the sales process enables seamless collaboration between the sales and accounting teams. This fosters cohesive decision-making for management, providing them with a comprehensive operational perspective to make well-informed choices rooted in up-to-date and accurate insights.


Automation is like the superhero that swoops in to tackle the sales and accounting challenges by making data move smoothly. When we rely on manually reentering data, things get messy. Automation unlocks time that can be spent on smart moves that make business grow and shine.

Flexspring’s Odoo integration with a CRM transforms workflows. Automation liberates teams from laborious data entry, enabling a shift toward strategic priorities. Whether handling new accounts, quotes, or subscription updates, data integration simplifies procedures, minimizes errors, and amplifies overall efficiency.

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Yan Courtois is the CEO of Flexspring, a company that focuses on HR data integration. With Flexspring, Yan leads a team of experts who provide custom and turnkey data integration for HR apps that’s fast, easy, and cost-effective.

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