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The Best Alternatives of Life 360

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Life 360 alternatives

What is Life 360?

The famous app Life 360 is considered the safest app that allows parents to track their children’s location and their each and every movement. This app is up there with more than 33 million users. Although it was thought to be a safe app, it is recently accused of selling its users’ data to dozens of brokers who anonymously sell data to anyone whosoever is willing to buy it. The research of how to turn Life 360 off keeps going up these days and you can also find a guide in this article. The parents need to have a track of their children’s activities, but on the other hand, if someone else is also having a record of their children’s activities, it can be a harmful thing. So parents should avoid using such apps which do not offer privacy and security to their children.

What Does Life 360 Sell?

Life360 sells information about your location, driving habits, and registration subtleties to outsiders, including sponsors and insurance agencies. It gives administration protection items, including utilizing individual information to perform profiling exercises, and furnishes you with effective customized advertising. This information is highly personal to anyone. As far as a parent is getting to know about all this, it’s okay. On the other hand, if someone else is sneaking through is the information, it is pretty ponderable. Children are so naïve to learn about the consequences they have to bear after this much personal information leakage. It is totally up to the parents to make sure that this precious information of their children is not leaked and used by any of the agencies or insurance companies. So the parents must find the alternatives of Life 360 so that their children’s precious and personal information is safeguarded.

How to turn Life 360 off:

Tap on ‘Settings’ in the lower right corner. In the Circle Switcher at the highest point of the screen, select the Circle you need to quit imparting location. Tap ‘On the Location Sharing’ Tap the slider to turn off the setting – it will be dark/white when turned off. You can also turn it off by clicking on the following link.

Alternatives of Life360

We hand-picked five best and safest alternatives of Life360 here that you can use without a blink of an eye and keep your children secure.

  1. FamiSafe: Wondershare FamiSafe is one of the best ever alternatives you can find on the internet that can easily replace Life360 and is 100% secure and reliable.
  2. FollowMee: FollowMee initially converts your phone into a q location/GPS tracker.
  3. Map My Run: It is another app that acts as a source of a Location tracker.
  4. Family Locator: It is a messaging app that allows you to find your loved ones in any crowd and track their locations.
  5. Google Maps: It is a web mapping app that offers you the best 360 views of the streets and helps you find and track a specific place or person.

How to Keep Online Security with FemiSafe

We do everything to make our children the best start in this Galaxy. Whenever we send our kids to the real world, we worry about their survival. Other than that, we are conscious that our kids may face Cyberbullying, Harassments and may involve in pornographic content. To avoid all these, we need parental control apps like Famisafe to track our kids’ every movement.

Check the steps below to get started with Famisafe:

Step 1: Download and install the FemiSafe app on your device as well as your child’s device from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Open the app on your device and complete the setup by Signing Up as a parent. Add a pin to protect app settings.

Step 3: It’s time for your child’s device. Install and Open FamiSafe Jr app on your kid’s phone, and tap the Pair with Code button to connect two devices.

word image 85

Step 5: From your child’s device, permit the permissions asked by the app. Then check the downloaded profiles on your phone’s settings and install the FamiSafe profile on it.

word image 86

Step 6: Move back to your device. Now you can see your child’s device in the top right corner. You can see the devices connected as children’s devices and can track their activities now.

Some Key Features of FemiSafe

  • App block and limit

You can block all the unwanted apps of your child’s phone from your own device. You can also track your child’s phone and check how much time was spent on the app. Moreover, you can set limits for a specific app.

  • Screen time

The FemiSafe also offers screen time limitations. You can set screen time on your child’s device(Phone or Tablet) so that they can focus on other activities like sports, extracurricular activities, and other non-digital activities.

word image 87

  • Track Location

word image 88

  • Geo-Fencing and real-time tracking is another excellent feature offered by FemiSafe. You can track your child’s location even with the cellphone switched off.
  • Other Parental Controls

Web content tracker or history checking to see your child’s browser history so that you can keep your child away from inappropriate content.

Detection of Cyberbullying through FemiSafe is very easy, and it helps you protect your child.

The Pricing and plans:

Famisafe is free to try before committing payment. There are three pricing plans. You can select your package according to your requirements for the number of devices you want to monitor. The number of features in all the packages is the same difference with the number of devices you want to monitor.

  • Monthly plan: They ask for $10.99 per month. Protection is up to 5 devices. Add $1 to get Geonection for one month. Automatically renew, cancel any time.
  • Annual plan: They ask for $60.99 per year while the protection is up to 10 devices. Add $1 to get Geonection for one month. Automatically renew for $2/month, or cancel any time.
  • Quarterly plan: They ask for $20.99 quarterly; the number of protected devices here will be 10. Add $1 to get Geonection for one month. Automatically renew for $2/month, or cancel any time.

Although all these packages come with the same number of features, parents can still choose according to the number of devices they want to monitor.


FemiSafe is one of the best parental control apps you can find on the internet and the most reliable replacement for Life360. Being a parent, I will encourage all the parents to download and install a parental control app like it to make sure that you are tracking your child’s each movement and monitor their devices by just sitting near or away from your child.


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