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” Terrifying”: Ex-Meta Employee Struggles 200 Days After Firing



" Terrifying": Ex-Meta Employee Struggles 200 Days After Firing

(CTN News) – This year, Meta IT companies cut costs dramatically. Many tech giants have laid off thousands of employees, leading to uncertainty among remaining employees.

Meta laid off over 20,000 employees in several rounds. An ex-employee of the company recently took to LinkedIn to express how it has been over two hundred days since she left the company, and that she is still struggling to find a new job.

In addition to that, she stated that she misses the opportunity to “work” with people and “collaborate” with them.

According to Susan Dutter, who was a Technical Recruiter for two years at Facebook before being laid off by Meta

It has been 201 days since Meta laid me off.

In order to find a new job, I have been working every day. I never imagined I would still not have a new job six and a half months later. But here I am. I know that many TAs are in the same situation as I am and I hope we all find our way out of this situation soon.”

“It is difficult to sustain your life without employment for over six months without employment. Having no idea if it will last another six months is frightening.

I am hopeful that my 20+ years of impactful recruiting will help me find my next assignment. I miss working, I miss collaborating on projects and building relationships.”

After that, Ms Dutter asked her LinkedIn network to help her find a job, which they did. A former Meta employee concluded his post by saying, “I appreciate each of you and I hope that there will be light at the end of this storm soon.”.

It was learned by Reuters that was planning to lay off employees on October 4 in the unit of its metaverse-oriented Reality Labs division focused on creating custom silicon, which is part of the company’s metaverse-oriented Reality Labs division.

Meta’s employees were informed of the layoffs by Meta’s internal discussion forum Workplace on October 3, in which a post was made informing them of the layoffs. The post stated that they would be notified about the status of their employment with the company by early Wednesday morning, according to the post.

As a result of the company’s attempt to reassure investors that it was reining in costs amid waning revenue growth, a high inflation rate, and concerns that Reality Labs was losing too much money, the company has cut about 21,000 jobs since November 2022.

According to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, in a statement in March this year, the majority of this year’s layoffs would take place in the spring, but that in some cases, completion of these changes may take until the end of the year.


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