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Telemedica, a Virtual Clinic Software Product, Launched by HTSS Following an Investment of Over 500,000 Euros. Simona Pavelescu, CEO of HTSS: Telemedica Opens New Sales Channels for Medical Units in Romania



High-Tech Systems & Software (htss), a company specialized in providing software services for the medical industry, with over 1,000 clients in 11 countries, has launched telemedica – a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform of virtual clinic type, following an investment of over 500,000 euros.
The platform targets clinics, medical centers, and public and private hospitals in Romania. Through telemedica, medical units can open new sales channels for medical services, thereby increasing their patient base.

”telemedica removes barriers related to the geographic location of a hospital. Thus, with just an internet connection, medical units can treat their patients, regardless of whether they live in major cities or in remote towns and villages.

Moreover, telemedica opens new markets for clinics and hospitals in Romania. We are primarily thinking of the 6 million Romanians living abroad. On one hand, telemedica facilitates their access to medical services in the Romanian language, but on the other hand, we aim to encourage Romanian specialists to offer consultations in English and thus open up to international markets,” says Simona Pavelescu, CEO of htss.

 Up to 56% of cases reaching the Emergency Room are non-critical

According to an OECD report, up to 56% of cases reaching the Emergency Room are non-critical. This leads to overcrowding in emergency departments, increased financial pressure on the healthcare system, and longer waiting times for genuinely severe cases to be treated.

Digital health services alleviate the pressure on clinics and hospitals and generate a series of benefits for all involved parties: patients, specialists, and medical units. Patients have access to medical expertise from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating transportation costs as well as time spent in traffic or on the premises of medical units.

Moreover, easy access to specialists can motivate patients to invest more in preventive healthcare, which will improve their quality of life and even result in long-term savings in healthcare expenses.

On the other hand, specialists save time, benefit from remote access to the medical history of the patients they treat, and can remotely monitor their patients. Last but not least, by using telemedica, medical units ensure their presence in the international arena, increase the volume of treated patients while reducing waiting queues, triage urgent cases from non-urgent ones, and benefit from evaluation reports on medical services and specialists,” says Virgil Popescu, Product Manager at telemedica.

Telemedica is already used by over 100 specialists doctors and 1,000 patients, and an active campaign to enroll new medical units will continue until the end of the year.

 “The launch of telemedica represents an important step towards achieving our goal of becoming the main partner for digitalization in the Healthcare industry at the European level. Currently, htss offers its clients a comprehensive suite of software products, serving patients and specialists, medical units, and pharmacies. htss products are used by over 1,000 clients in 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and the development of new software products is closely linked to our international expansion plans,” adds Simona Pavelescu, CEO of htss.

About htss and telemedica

htss is an IT&C company specialized in providing software solutions for businesses. Established in 2012, htss has rapidly developed its client portfolio due to its focus on innovation, speed, and quality support.

Currently, the company’s portfolio includes over 1,000 clients in 11 countries, with some of its most sought-after proprietary solutions being pharmaceutical – pharmacy management software; telemedica – virtual clinic solution; omnimedica – management solution for clinics and hospitals; shiftin – automatic shift planning software; and mindclass – e-learning platform.

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