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Spotify Wants To Put a Robot In Your Ears



Spotify Wants To Put a Robot In Your Ears

(CTN News) – As part of its AI game-up, Spotify is adding an AI DJ feature that will allow users to chat about the songs they are listening to.

It matters because Spotify is expanding its reach into the ever-emerging artificial technology space further than any other music service – following in the footsteps of other buzzy products like Microsoft’s ChatGPT-driven Bing – and aims to establish itself as a powerhouse when it comes to personalized curation.

This week’s top news is that Spotify announced the beta launch of its DJ service, which it describes as a “personalized AI guide” and part commentator with a “stunningly realistic voice” on the tracks and artists it offers.

  • Similarly to Spotify’s robust custom playlists, these mixes revisit users’ old favorites and current hits from time to time and introduce up-to-date hits based on data insights.

  • It is a DJ’s job to offer commentary every few songs or if he is “called upon via the DJ button,” according to a spokesperson for Spotify, and it also logs your habits so that you can improve your listening experience.

  • Nevertheless, it is not purely singular: According to the spokesperson, “culturally relevant insights about a user’s favorite artists may overlap” with those provided to others as well.

  • In a report by Gizmodo, Spotify reportedly used its recent acquisition of Sonantic, a London-based AI voice platform, to power the DJ side of its service. Scripts will reportedly be developed by in-house writers.

This is how it works: Spotify users should be able to access DJ via the mobile app in the Music section of the app.

  • Initially, the feature is expected to be available only to Premium subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, the DJ’s voice is based on that of an actual human – Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s head of cultural partnerships who hosted the company’s morning show “The Get Up.” The company described him as the DJ’s “first model” and said it would continue to work on it.


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