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Spotify Launches Educational Video Courses In The United Kingdom

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Spotify Launches Educational Video Courses In The United Kingdom

(CTN News) – It used to be that people went to one place for Spotify music, another for education, etc., but now many companies are trying to turn into jacks of all trades so that they can compete for survival by offering a variety of services.

It is worth mentioning that Spotify is the latest company that has announced a test for video-based learning courses. It is the newest addition to the platform’s music, podcasts, and audiobooks offerings, which join the music section.

In order to bring you a wide range of content, Spotify has teamed up with a number of content partners: BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Thinkific Labs Inc. and Skillshare.

The company offers a wide range of content that falls into four main categories: making music, getting creative, learning business, and living a healthy lifestyle. According to the announcement, these offers offer educational content creators the opportunity to reach a new audience through Spotify.

“Through this offer, we are exploring the possibility of providing educational content creators with a new audience who can view their content, reaching a broader potential audience while expanding our catalog,” Spotify noted in the announcement.

Approximately half of the users of the platform claim that they have “engaged” with self-help or educational podcasts during the last month.

Currently, only UK users can access the test courses, and both free and premium subscribers will receive at least two free lessons per course for the duration of their subscription. A person’s subscription level will have no effect on how much the series will cost, as they can choose any price between £20 ($25) and £80 ($101).

The apps can be accessed on a mobile device or on a desktop computer. If the feature moves from the testing phase to the production phase, the exact price and availability might change.

Earlier this year, Spotify introduced a beta program for music videos that was released shortly after this foray into video-based courses. As with the classes, they’re only available on certain tracks, and they’re not available to US subscribers (the UK is among the 11 countries that can access them).


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