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Samsung Elec Expects Advanced Chip Packaging Sales To Reach $100m Or More

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Samsung Elec Expects Advanced Chip Packaging Sales To Reach $100m Or More

(CTN News) – This year Samsung Electronics expects its next batch of advanced chip-packaging products to generate at least $100 million in revenue, according to co-CEO Kye-Hyun Kyung’s statement on Wednesday.

Kyung said he is confident that the results of Samsung’s investment will be seen in earnest from the second half of this year onwards, as the company set up a business unit for advanced chip packaging last year.

Kyung’s remarks were made during an annual general shareholder’s meeting held at headquarters.

According to Kyung, Samsung’s memory chip business is targeting a greater profit share than the company’s market share in the coming year.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Samsung’s market share in the DRAM chips, which are used in a variety of tech devices, reached 45.5%, according to the data provider TrendForce.

The company is currently trying to achieve this by creating a 12-stack version of high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips under the name HBM3E in order to secure a competitive advantage in the high-end memory chips required by the booming artificial intelligence market.

Kyung said that Samsung will take advantage of the fact that it has memory chips,

Contract manufacturing, and chip design businesses under one roof to satisfy customer needs when it comes to a future generation of HBM chips called HBM4, which is likely to be released in 2025 and will have more customised designs.

Samsung’s CEO Kyung responded to shareholder questions regarding recent setback in the HBM market by saying, “We are better prepared now to prevent that from happening again in the future.”.

In the wake of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s statement that the AI semiconductor leader is preparing to qualify Samsung’s HBM chips for use in AI-based systems, Samsung Electronics shares are up as much as 6.04% on Wednesday, approaching their highest one-day rise since early September.

It is anticipated that will be able to deliver tangible results from the other memory products it is developing for use in artificial intelligence (AI), including compute express link (CXL) and processing-in-memory (PIM).


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