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On TikTok, What Is The Reverse AI Filter Trend?



On TikTok, What Is The Reverse AI Filter Trend?

(CTN News) – TIKTOK users are posting raunchy photos online – but it’s not as it seems.

The new trend is quickly gaining traction on the video-sharing platform, and users are eager to join in. This is what it entails.

How does TikTok’s reverse AI filtering work?

In the most recent trend, AI-generated art made by the AI Art filter on the Dream by WOMBO application is reversed.

TikTok users began using it as a lockscreen filter in September 2022.

Some TikTokers have revealed that their partners would become angry when their lock screen wasn’t a photo of them, even though it was.

It was then that users began to test the waters by posting explicit photos through the filter, knowing that they would not be caught or suspended for doing so.

It is sometimes possible to see what has been painted over, but most of the time no actual image detail remains.

One TikToker, known as kainenovak, posted an AI Art filter nude in a video that received approximately 4.1 million plays and 547,200 likes in four days.

In a humorous comment, users commented that they could see the X-rated image through clever AI inspired art.

Is there a reason why it is trending?

In response to the increasing number of users who disguised their explicit images through the AI art filter, many began to wonder if it was possible to reverse the process.

In some cases, the pastime has even evolved into a game, where users work together to identify the explicit images in the posts.

Fortunately, reports indicate that it appears to be impossible to reverse an AI art filter on TikTok for those who have shared their raunchy images online.

The art filter is not risk-free, however, and users are advised to exercise caution when submitting one of their more explicit images.

It was written by a tech expert: “When you upload your image through the filter, you are uploading it to a server where it may be compromised.”

It is unlikely that users will reverse these images, but they may still be unsafe in any case.”

In the meantime, some users have adopted a more PG approach to the filter.


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