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Thailand Metaverse City Takes Shape in Bangkok



Thailand Metaverse City Takes Shape in Bangkok

(CTN News) – During a talk at Thailand  Metaverse Expo 2022 in Bangkok, three virtual land developers said people are the most important resource.

Navaporn Narita, founder of Chiangmai Crypto City, Marut Chumkuntod, CEO of Class Cafe and Velaverse founder, and co-founder of Beach Property Tech Thanapat Uttawarapong all agreed that technology is meaningless if people don’t use it.

Thailand metaverse city was no exception.

A metaverse city is an upgrade from a smart city – a place in which people are more than just technology users. People can interact and form relationships in the metaverse.

The country still lacks common development goals, despite being more aware of and responding to metaverse technology after Covid-19.

Thailand’s metaverse development is fueled by different people doing different things, According to Navaporn

According to Navaporn, Chiangmai Crypto City co-founder & project leader, Thailand’s metaverse development is fueled by different people doing different things

Since there is no consensus definition of the metaverse, each business should define its own in line with common goals, she said.

When transitioning to the metaverse, most businesses prioritize the wrong things. Metaverse technology and profits are often the focus of their efforts. According to him, they should put people first.

Rather than thinking about what products to sell, they should consider how to engage communities with the metaverse.

According to Thanapat, urban development should prioritize people before design. A smart city must always be driven by people’s adoption and engagement to become a metaverse city.

Thailand Metaverse Expo 2022 is organized by Nation Group and runs until Sunday (August 21).

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