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How Does Decentralized Social (DeSo) Work?



How Does Decentralized Social (DeSo) Work?

Social media companies actually use algorithms to present content to specific users and through this give certain personal data specified to advertisers. All this social media content and user posts are usually stored on private servers and can be deleted.

In addition, creators face the threats of de-platforming, monetization, and algorithmic “shadow-banning” of their content.

However, using public blockchains may be without high costs, as these require very high blockchain gas fees for storing social media data. You can learn more about bitcoin trading through trading software like Immediate Momentum.

What is DeSo?

Blockchain technology made its debut with bitcoin and was followed by the development of smart contract-compatible blockchains such as Ethereum. Since then, a large number of blockchain projects with an emphasis on scalability, transaction speed, cost-effectiveness, decentralisation, and security have started to emerge.

DeSo Blockchain is exclusively a decentralized social blockchain project and is the first one that is working with this directed objective.

It is proposed by DeSo to provide a smooth user experience (UX) using blockchain architecture. It aims to help the further development of decentralized social media and uses the latest blockchain technologies to provide users with a better experience.

The platform is fundamentally different from finance (DeFi) applications, providing users with a secure and independent user experience for various financial operations. Here’s an example of using the balance update function in a DeFi app network without the need for a new “state”.

This is an important feature through which users do not need to update their accounts for balance changes. This facilitates users to participate in financial activities without any delay.

For building decentralized social applications, DeSo specializes in the application requirements necessary to allow a blockchain feature-free and censorship-resistant space. This means users can privately structure their social media posts and indexing and have the flexibility to take control of their data and information.

How Does DESO Work?

The DeSo blockchain operates as a sovereign, exclusive and decentralized chain and its main goal is to store as immutable records of stimulus data as possible. This means that a record of all social media actions, posts, and transactions is kept in this blockchain, thereby supporting appreciation, business activities, and other social movements.

The group makes a commitment to “adapt the network architecture in whatever way required to preserve it. This means that the DeSo blockchain will be able to make various technical and structural changes to scale and keep the network secure.

With all the activity on each decentralised social media site or application, the DeSo blockchain has a social decentralised blockchain that keeps substantial volumes of data on-chain.

This work takes place using various cryptographic encryption techniques, which ensure the highest level of privacy and security. There may be some exceptions in terms of the storage of decentralized social networking blockchains.

What is DeSo Token?

The core asset of the DeSo project is the DeSo currency, which serves as the main unit of exchange in the entire DeSo blockchain system. It is run similarly to major networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. On top of this, there are no more cryptocurrencies deployed as tokens through applications.

The DESO currency is not only an asset and medium of exchange throughout the network but also grants governance rights to its holders. This means that the users of the social media platform will have the right to have a direct influence on the policies and management of the project.

What makes DeSo unique?

DeSo is a blockchain platform that combines traditional social media features with native blockchain functionalities. It enables users to engage in familiar social activities such as profiling and posting while also incorporating new blockchain-based features like social tokens, hints, and NFTs. Social tokens, also known as creator currencies, are a key component of the DeSo blockchain.

They allow creators to have their own digital currencies, which can be used as a means of monetizing their content and connecting with their followers. These social tokens enable new categories of cash-enabled products, ranging from NFT social experiences to influential stock markets.

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