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Many ChatGPT Extensions And Apps May Contain Malware



Many ChatGPT Extensions And Apps May Contain Malware

(CTN News) – As a powerful online tool, ChatGPT has taken over the internet, and rightfully so. Most often, the most sought-after content is fertile ground for hackers and scammers.

According to a recent YouTube video by cybersecurity expert John Hammond, many ChatGPT extensions and apps may contain malware.

That is a valid point, and we should all be cautious when installing add-ons for desktop browsers and mobile applications.
You are aware of who is able to access your information when you visit a webpage, such as ChatGPT. Most people respect OpenAI, despite some concerns about the rapid pace of OpenAI’s public updates.

There is, however, a great deal of variation between the privacy policies of browser extensions and apps. What is even more alarming is that, regardless of the privacy claims, you may not recognize the developer or be able to determine whether they are reliable.

The claim that your information will not be shared or sold is easy to make, but who is responsible for enforcing this policy?

Hammond notes that this goes beyond the information you might voluntarily provide to the extension or application. There are a number of ways in which hackers are able to bypass security features, particularly when doing so with software that you have installed on your device.

According to Hammond, a recent Guardio report outlines a fake ChatGPT Chrome extension that contains malware that allows access to Facebook account information through a backdoor.

The malware created bots that made advertisements promoting the extension by stealing numerous Facebook accounts. Traffic resulting from the ads drove traffic to the extension, resulting in more bots posting advertisements.

It was intended that the self-replicating malware would collect personal information about users so that it could be sold on the dark web.

As soon as Google removed the extension, another appeared, and the war against malware appears to have no end in sight.

The most important message from this video is to be careful when installing browser extensions. It is possible for software that resides on your computer to have greater access than a website. It is the same with mobile applications.

ChatGPT can be accessed via OpenAI’s website. OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 technology powers Bing Chat, which can be seen on any Bing Search page. Through the Bing app or Edge browser, you can also access Bing Chat on your smartphone.

You should proceed with caution if you still wish to use a browser extension or app that adds extra capabilities or makes the advanced AI more convenient.

Be sure to read the developer’s privacy policy, read reviews, and learn more about them before trusting that your data is secure and private.

Can I install ChatGPT?

In short, Chat GPT is not standalone software and it is dependent on internet connection. In other words you cant download Chat GPT for now.


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