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India Warns Facebook And YouTube To Regulate Deepfakes.



India Warns Facebook And YouTube To Regulate Deepfakes.

(CTN News) – Two sources have informed Reuters that the Indian government issued a warning to social media companies such as Facebook and YouTube.

The warning, delivered by deputy IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar during a closed-door meeting, emphasized the need for these platforms to remind users about local laws that prohibit the posting of deepfakes, as well as content that spreads obscenity or misinformation.

Chandrasekhar highlighted that despite the 2022 rules that prohibit harmful content, many companies have not updated their usage terms.

This warning comes at a time when concerns about deepfakes are increasing, prompting India to develop regulations to address this issue.

Chandrasekhar emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the rules by regularly reminding users not to post such content when they log in or through issuing reminders, according to two anonymous sources familiar with the private meeting.

One of the sources stated that the minister described this demand as “non-negotiable” during the meeting, representing the Indian government’s stance.

The IT ministry of India announced in a press statement that all platforms had agreed to align their content guidelines with the government’s rules.

At the time of this statement, Facebook and Chandrasekhar had not yet responded to a request for comment.

Google, the parent company of YouTube, has expressed its commitment to responsible AI development and emphasized its robust policies and systems for identifying and removing harmful content across its various products and platforms.

Recently, the Indian government,

Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has also expressed concerns regarding deepfakes.

During a virtual summit of G20 nations, Prime Minister Modi urged global leaders to collaborate in regulating AI and highlighted the potential negative impact of deepfakes on society. In line with this, countries worldwide are actively working on establishing regulations for AI.

India, in particular, has been strengthening its regulations for social media companies, recognizing the country as a significant growth market. In the past, the government privately criticized these companies for not taking down what it deemed as fake news on their platforms, leading to the government’s intervention in content removal.


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