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Avian Flu Outbreak In Ohio Resulted In The Euthanization Of 1.35 Million Hens.



Avian Flu Outbreak In Ohio Resulted In The Euthanization Of 1.35 Million Hens.

(CTN News) – In response to the imminent danger of a widespread avian flu outbreak, an egg farm located in Union County, Ohio, is taking drastic action by culling an astounding 1.35 million hens after confirming a case within the flock.

As a precautionary measure to contain the rapid spread of the contagion, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has enforced the mass culling.

Despite a decrease in wild bird cases, the avian flu has still caused significant damage to the poultry industry this year. In 2022, over 8 million birds have been culled to prevent the further spread of the disease, with the majority of casualties occurring in large-scale egg farms.

Notably, Iowa, the top state for egg production, has been hit hard with a loss of approximately 17.3 million birds. Recent casualties include a Minnesota egg farm losing 940,000 hens and an Iowa farm having to euthanize 1.2 million birds.

Egg farms, renowned for their extensive scale and accommodation of millions of poultry, encounter distinct obstacles in their efforts to combat the outbreak. Despite being a prominent egg producer, Ohio has reported a relatively lower count of 5.1 million birds affected by avian flu.

The contagion has also affected other states, including Minnesota, Maryland, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia, and California, where confirmed cases have been recorded. Notably, the most significant incident this week entailed the culling of 198,200 chickens on a farm in Maryland.

Farmers are implementing rigorous strategies to safeguard their flocks, such as disinfecting vehicles, enforcing attire alterations and showers for staff, and investing in dedicated equipment for each barn.

Nonetheless, the prevention of the Avian Flu virus from infiltrating major migratory bird routes continues to pose a substantial challenge.

Although health authorities stress that avian flu presents minimal threats to human health, farmers remain vigilant and are implementing all necessary measures to protect their poultry.

It is recommended to cook eggs and poultry thoroughly, ensuring they reach a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit (73.89 degrees Celsius), in order to eliminate any potential risks associated with the virus.


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