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Impact of Managed Services in Managing Your IT: What You Need To Know

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Impact of Managed Services in Managing Your IT: What You Need To Know

What are Managed Services and its Benefits?

Managed services are essential, with a 14% annual growth per CISCO. Organizations can focus on their core function and outsource IT infrastructure rather than attempt to keep up with the trends and manage in-house tech experts.

The organization receives a guarantee from a third party committed to meeting the technological needs of the organization.

These involve on-premise technical support and private cloud storage. Managed Service Providers(MSPs) assess their clients’ IT-related needs.

These include hardware installation, data integrity, data analysis, and procurement management within the stated IT procedures.

Several MSPs are strategically located, such as those offering managed IT services in Luxembourg. Below are the benefits of hiring a quality MSP:

Access to a pool of IT talent

Managed IT services enable an organization to access talents with various specializations in IT that are beneficial to the organization.

A 2018 Cisco Study indicated that if IT staffing was not an issue then 19% of more SMEs would upgrade their endpoint security.

An MSP offers you this at an agreed affordable cost and saves you on recruitment costs.

This involves time and resources for hiring, training, and HR-related costs. MSP enables organizations to only pay for what they need.

Minimizes Risk to Data Integrity, Loss, and Theft

A particular service critical to organizations is data backup and recovery. According to Maricopa SBDC, 62% of SMBs lack the in-house skills to handle cybersecurity.

MSPs reduce the risk of data integrity, loss, and theft by providing a complete backup and quick data recovery in case of system restoration or computer replacement.

You must integrate IT services such as disaster recovery as a managed IT service for minimizing data loss and theft.

Infrascale research indicates that only 21% of SMEs have a full disaster recovery plan.

Reputable MSPs also facilitate cyber security by offering anti-virus protection. The anti-virus service management can be on a per device basis, enterprise-wide-basis, or a schedule.

Increased Uptime and Less Downtime

IT downtime can have significant adverse implications on organization operations.

Utilizing MSPs enables proactive solutions in addressing downtime than constant deliberations on the ideal remedy by break-fix model technicians.

Their purpose is to intercept a problem before it intensifies its adversity. An MPS agreement also indicates the expected period of resolving a raised concern.

This entrusts the organization with reliable IT support for end users in maintenance through updating systems, patching systems, and monitoring network bandwidth.

Facilitates Improved Network Scalability

An organization seeking to adapt to growth utilizes MSPs for improved network scalability through cloud computing that on-site technology may fail to accomplish.

These include storage upgrades, cloud storage, and network equipment upgrade for organization growth.

MSPs can monitor your equipment and licenses to inform the organization of their limits. There is more flexibility to accommodate scalability.


Managed IT services are essential in various industries and cannot be understated.

Finance, FinTechs, and RegTechs need their IT infrastructures to be managed and operated with the highest level of expertise.

Privacy, security, and health data management are paramount through IT infrastructure and have a major role.

Government and security agencies all require quality IT services.

The benefits of these managed services result in efficient service and delivery while the institution focuses on its core function.

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