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MixBook Photo Book Editor Tutorial Create in 4 Easy Steps



MixBook Photo Book Editor Tutorial in 4 Easy Steps

Creating photo books is a great way of relieving boredom, rekindling your sense of imagination, and firing up your creativity. MixBook is by far the most popular photobooks editor in the world. Here are some of the steps to remember when editing your photo books:

1. Log in

The process begins with logging into the MixBook website. You will see all the products. When editing, always save your progress as you continue to prevent losing your work.

2. Picture selection

Click on photo books and select your preferred category of photos to start browsing all the available themes. You can also create one from scratch instead of using the pre-made themes. One great thing about the editor is that you can load up every new theme without starting the process all over again. When evaluating the pre-made themes, you can switch up the orientation to see how it looks in landscape, portrait, or square.

After selecting the theme and orientation that suits your style, click on the start book to begin editing. The editor will load up and ask you to specify your pictures’ source (desktop, smartphone, or social media).

After selecting your source, you can choose to put your pictures into albums or in one long feed. Select the pictures you want in your photo book and click on add to project. The editor will then ask you whether you would like to do an auto-fill. If you click No thanks, then you will have chosen to put the pictures in yourself.

3. Page editing

Afterward, you will see a preview of the pages with your pictures on the side of the screen. You will also see page layouts, backgrounds, and stickers, which are the main elements you can use when editing.

Say you choose to start editing the cover; click on the cover, and go to layout. You can choose:

· The theme layout: You will see all the pages of the specific theme you are using.

· Standard layouts with one or more pictures.

Next, select the picture you want on your cover. Once you click on a photo, you can edit it by adding effects, borders, color, shadows, adjust brightness, saturation, or shape. You can choose to create a text box for the title and date. You can drag the text to anywhere you want. There are numerous fonts to choose from.

Once you are done and satisfied with the cover page move onto the next page. Repeat the cover page process for the rest of the pages.

If you want to insert a page in between, click on page layout and add a blank page. For double-spread photos, maximize and drag the selected photo to fit onto the two pages. Remember, for perfect-bound books, some content is lost in the middle.

When you are done editing, save your progress again and preview your work before ordering it.

4. Ordering

Once you are satisfied, click on order. Here, you can select all of your book’s specifications: paper, orientation, shipping method, and enter a voucher code if you have one.

With every orientation, you can choose the photo book size you want. One advantage is that you do not need to readjust everything in your work one by one; the editor will resize everything automatically.

You may also receive a warning about empty boxes. Make sure you address all warnings.

Once you are done filling in all the details, click on check out and wait for your book to arrive.

MixBook photo book editor is an easy and user-friendly software to use. Get the MixBook application and start customizing your photo book today.


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