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How Will Google And Microsoft’s AI Chatbots Affect Us?

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How Will Google And Microsoft's AI Chatbots Affect Us?

(CTN News) – With artificial intelligence chatbots, Google and Microsoft are facing off head to head over the future of search.

Earlier this week, Google announced that it is testing Bard, a competitor to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, and will roll it out soon.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has reached 100 million users since its November launch. It’s now integrated into Microsoft products, including the Bing search engine. Later on Tuesday, the company will talk about AI.

Here’s what I think about Google and Microsoft’s AI plans.

What’s with Google and Microsoft using AI?

ChatGPT shows there is an appetite for AI-enhanced search and answers to queries that go beyond links to websites. Microsoft and Google clearly see this as a competitive opportunity. Using Google Lens, users can search using images and text in a more natural, intuitive way.

Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives says: “While Bing holds just 9% of the search market today, further integration of this unique ChatGPT tool and algorithms could lead to major shifts away from Google.”

Chatbots from Google and ChatGPT use what technology?

ChatGPT and Bard use large language models. LaMDA is an acronym for “language model for dialogue applications”. In computer form, these networks mimic the underlying brain architecture.

Students are fed huge amounts of text from the internet to learn how to respond to text prompts.

ChatGPT can then answer questions about writing couplets, job applications or, in the biggest panic it has created, academic work.

Bard is different from ChatGPT.

It reportedly answers questions about 12,000 layoffs announced by Google and Microsoft’s parent, Alphabet, last month using information from the internet. Despite being in its research preview phase, ChatGPT’s dataset includes billions of words up to 2021.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, says Bard can explain to a nine-year-old the discoveries made by NASA’s James Webb space telescope.

It can also tell users about the top strikers in football “right now” and provide training drills to emulate them. As of now, there is no public access to the OpenAI service, so direct comparisons are difficult with Google’s screenshots.

How will Bard and ChatGPT affect Google and Microsoft?

LaMDA, PaLM, Imagen, and MusicLM will all be used in the Google search engine. Google CEO Sundar Pichai presented an example of a conversational, chatbot-like response on Monday.

It appeared instead of, for example, a link to a blog post or website. Questions remain about Google’s AI-powered search model.

Last week, several users claimed to have seen a glimpse of Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered revamp of Bing. It is possible that some ChatGPT users are concerned about some of the answers provided by “new Bing” based on unverified screenshots. Moreover, ChatGPT is reportedly faster and uses online information.


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