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Google Chrome Translate Is Killed In Old Browsers

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Google Chrome Translate Is Killed In Old Browsers

(CTN News) – The ability to translate Google Chrome foreign text on a webpage into your native language is one of the most valuable skills possessed by most leading web browsers.

For example, Google Chrome converts websites based on the language in which they are written into the language of your choice.

A language translator is particularly useful when you encounter a website written in a language you don’t know. Google Chrome’s built-in translation feature is no longer available if you use an older version.

If you wish to continue using it, consider updating to version 96 or newer.

Google Chrome announced in a Chrome community post that it would shut down Chrome Translate for Chrome 95 and older.

It is likely that you will receive an error message stating, “This page was not translated.” if you are using the legacy version.

Remember that Chrome 95 was released in October 2021 with a number of improvements, including more secure payment authentication across the web, the ability to save tab groups, and the rollout of Material You for everyone on Android 12 without activating any flags.

The company has not provided an exact date for when it will cease to support translations for older Chrome versions, but it has stated that this process has already begun. Users will no longer be able to translate web pages without installing an extension, among others, when the day arrives.

Chrome’s 96 version was released in December 2021, so most people should have access to it by now. It is possible that only users running older operating systems will be unable to update beyond Chrome 95.

Chrome 95, for example, is the last browser available on Android 5.0 Lollipop, while Chrome 93 is the last browser for iOS 13.

On the desktop side of things, Chrome 87 is the final release to support Mac OS Yosemite 10.10, while Windows XP and Vista were already no longer supported with Chrome 49.

Installing the Google Translate extension on your browser may be an excellent idea if you use a desktop computer. In addition, it provides the same level of accuracy as the built-in translation feature, and it will continue to receive support regardless of browser version.

Even if you still have a phone running Android 5, it may be time to upgrade to one of the many great phones available today, just to ensure your online security.

It is possible that the cutoff for older Google Chrome versions is due to the upgraded Translate capabilities that may not be compatible with older Google Chrome versions.

Chrome may be able to translate text into images in the future, if the recently spotted Chromium source code is published.


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